Photo by bady qb / Unsplash
Bangalore is generally regarded as a place that most visitors like to chill out in. Not to say that it has nothing for the people interested in history. Along with the modern day pubs, discos and hangouts, one can still see remnants of the older Bangalore. From a long walk in Cubbon Park to hundreds of cafes, from trails of trees everywhere to the amazing weather, you can’t help falling in love with the city.Thanks to its altitude, Bangalore enjoys a pleasant and equable climate throughout the year. Tree-lined streets and abundant greenery made it the 'Garden City' of India. All in all, a lovely city to visit. But there’s a lot that you need to be careful about while visiting.

Here are a few things you need to avoid:

  1. Do not trust your taxi drivers or tourist guides too much. Always maintain a safe personal distance from them.

  2. Do not venture alone at secluded places during nighttime. In case you are going out at night, always roam around in a group.

  3. Do not carry too much cash with you. Keep the excess cash as well as other valuable items in your room and lock them up properly.

  4. Do not keep your wallet in the back pocket. It is better to keep it in the side pocket of the trousers or the jacket.

  5. Always maintain decency and decorum while visiting religious places.

  6. Do not wear revealing clothes while at a temple or a gurdwara.

  7. Always keep a photocopy of all the important documents, like passport, ID, etc, with you.

  8. Always gather some information about the places you are going to visit beforehand. It will prevent you from being misguided by others.

  9. Do not eat anything from the roadside vends that abound in the city. In case you taking any food item from there, ensure that it has been properly cooked.

  10. Drink only bottled mineral water. Before buying the bottle, ensure that the seal of the bottle is in place and not tampered with.

  11. Do not eat cut fruits or vegetables available at the roadside vends.

  12. In order to avoid malaria, dengue, etc, it is better to wear nightclothes that cover your body properly.

13.Make sure to carry a first aid kit with you always. It should have all the essential medicines like those for cough, cold, fever, diarrhea, etc, along with some antiseptic creams.

14.Avoid drinking water or eating salads at small restaurants.

15.If you are planning to visit Bangalore in winter, please carry woolen clothing with you.

16.If your visit is planned in summer, carry sunscreen lotions and sunglasses with you.

17.Please drink lots of water to avoid dehydration in the summer months.