Jaipur is one of the most historically rich cities in India. It was home to generations of kings and as a result harbors many luxurious palaces, forts, temples, stepwells and monuments, showcasing the grandeur and lavish heritage that Jaipur has enjoyed over various centuries.

The ‘Pink City’ of India is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, and rightly so. Its inexplicably rich cultural heritage that throngs in the city from the streets to the forts is something that every pair of eyes should witness. Paired with the dense history and the unbelievably beautiful flora and fauna, Jaipur spells out to be the perfect city to visit, be it for solo travelers, group trips, or even couples.

For couples especially, Jaipur has a lot to offer. It has been ranked at the seventh position for “The Best Cities to visit in Asia” in the 2008 Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Survey. As such, the city harbors many sites of interests, from historical monuments to fancy restaurants in plenty.

As such, Jaipur is a must visit city for everyone since it has a plethora of stunning locations and views which you can enjoy with alone or with your significant other. To book couple friendly or hourly hotels in Jaipur, visit our website.

Without further ado, here is our list of top 10 things tourists must do in Jaipur!

1.      Feel the breeze at Hawa mahal


“The Palace of Breeze” is one of the star attractions of the Pink City. The palace is a sprawling structure built of red and pink sandstone, and also happens to be the highest structure in the world to be built without a foundation!

It is a vast and extensively beautiful marvel of architecture with 953 windows and is perfect for exploring. Hawa Mahal, literally translating to “The Palace of Breeze” is one of the star attractions of the Pink City.

The reason it has been named such is due to its 953 windows which were originally built for the convenience of the royal ladies where they could gaze outside the palace without having to reveal themselves.

The palace is a sprawling amalgamation of red and pink sandstone, and also happens to be the highest structure in the world to be built without a foundation! Moreover, there are numerous grand hotels in this area, and if you are short of time or budget, you could try booking hourly hotels in Jaipur.

2.      Cycle to the Nahargarh Fort


Nahargarh fort is unanimously agreed to be the best spot to view the city of Jaipur. Located in the Aravalli mountain ranges, it towers at the highest location in the city. You can either trek your way there or rent a cycle to follow the popular cycle trail. In consequence, it offers the best view of the entire city one can hope to have.

The fort itself is majestic and perfect for history nerds (as are most of the locations on this list). The fort also has somewhat of a spooky story attached to its name, so make sure to ask the locals or your tour guide about it (no spoilers here!). If you are still not convinced, several scenes from the movies Rang De Basanti, Shuddh Desi Romance and Sonar Kella have also been shot here, so don’t hesitate in recreating some of those scenes!

3.      Visit the Jaipur wax museum


The Jaipur Wax Museum is built right near the entrance of Nahargarh Fort so make sure to keep some time aside for visiting that. It features statues of popular celebrities, sports stars and other icons like Amitabh Bachchan, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Rabindranath Tagore, Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, Sawai Jai Singh II, and Maharani Gayatri Devi.

Mistay tip: stay here until the evening hours to witness the best sunset view of your life. Also try booking hourly hotels in Jaipur that are near your areas of interest to make the most out of your time!

4.      Experience the sunset at Jal mahal


Literally meaning “Water Palace”, Jal mahal is a wonderful architectural marvel constructed right in the waters of the Man Sagar Lake in the city of Jaipur.

The Jal mahal is an exemplary architectural showcase of the Rajput style of architecture. Though it is not allowed to go inside the palace anymore, the lake and the rest of the monument remain to be some of the most popular tourist attractions.

Overall, this is a must visit place when you are in Jaipur. The level of serenity this place offers will make your day.

5.      Take a walk at the Central park

Central park is a very popular safe haven from the busy and bustling city life of Jaipur. The lush green trees and emerald vegetation give a fresh breath of air to the place. It has a 5 km long walking and jogging track so this is a perfect stop to take long, calming, romantic walks. Infact, you could do this every day of your trip by booking hourly hotels in the vicinity.

And if you happen to be an enthusiastic bird watcher, you are just in luck! Many species of migratory birds stop here throughout the year giving a spectacular view to the visitors. Other than that, the numerous, colourful flower beds are a soothing sight to the eye.

6.      Go shopping at the Local markets

Of course, leaving any place without souvenirs is not an option. And with the rich variety of cultural heritage which Jaipur has to offer, it is only wise to spend time in the streets of the Jaipur markets like Johri bazaar and bapu bazaar.. Jaipur is known for many of its unique garments, shoes, gemstones, artwork, handicrafts, painting and all other sorts of trinkets.

7.      Explore the Amer fort


Amer or Amber fort is the principle attraction of Jaipur. Built by Raja Man Singh, it is renowned for its artistic style elements.

The Amber fort is a feat of architectural marvel, constructed in marble and sandstone spreading over 4 levels, all with a courtyard. Also built in the palace is a Sheesh Mahal, the Deewan-e-Khaas and Deewan-e-Aam where the Rajput Royals rules for generations. It is a must visit tourist location.

8.      Offer prayers at the Sun Temple


Also known as the Galtaji Temple, the site consists of various temples surrounded by the mountains of Jaipur. A natural spring breaks forth from the mountains and fills up the sacred baths of the temple where pilgrims would take a dip.

It is a prehistoric hindu pilgrimage site which takes you back in time. It will make for beautiful images.

9.      Explore ancient astronomy at Jantar mantar


The Jantar Mantar is an absolute must visit site, being a collection of 19 astronomical instruments built by the Rajput king Sawai Jai Singh II.

It features the world’s largest sundial, among a multitude of sundials and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are about 18 other astronomical instruments which were used to measure and keep record of a variety of other things. You must visit jantar mantar regardless of your knowledge on astronomy!

10.  Savour the Rajasthani cuisine


What a visit without great food? And Jaipur has plenty of great food! The star attractions in restaurants are Dal Batti, Churma, Mawa Kachori, Ghewar, Mirchi Bada, Rajasthani Subji, Gajak, and many other mouth watering delicacies.

With that we end our list of top 10 touristy things to do in Jaipur! Read about our other Jaipur articles here, and visit our website to book hourly hotels in Jaipur! Happy traveling!