As said by Gautama Buddha, “To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

In 2020, the world is struggling to get over a serious Pandemic, Coronavirus. Offices are closed, social gatherings are canceled, factories are shut, and the entire humanity is under lockdown. Every passing moment gives us a new number of positive covid19 cases. When “Work from Home scenario” has become new normalcy, still people are struggling to find a daily routine going. No workouts, no outings, no healthy diets are taking a huge toll on people health worldwide. While the government of all countries is busy in  formulating policies and making quick decisions to combat this situation, it is the eminent responsibility of each and every individual to make some changes in their daily routine to stay healthy. Apart from maintaining social distancing and daily hygiene, it is also important to boost your immunity by taking a healthy diet. The pre-corona days of visiting restaurants and hotels for a happy vacation has taken a big setback. On a normal weekend, we visit a hotel nearby with our family and friends for a spa or rejuvenating session to get our mental and physical health. Due to this lockdown, we surely cannot travel but what we can do to keep ourselves healthy is by having glasses of detox water on a daily basis. These unique drinks are regularly available if you visit any hotels at Goa, or any hotels at Delhi or Mumbai. But what's interesting is you can make these refreshing drink at home during this lock down season and get your immunity back to track.


It is well known that around 60% of the human body consists of water. Water, being an essential ingredient for life helps in flushing out toxins from the body, increase the metabolism, and digestion of the body. To make the water extra beneficial, we sometimes infuse it with fruits, herbs, spices, and vegetables and call it "Detox Water". Apart from boosting the immunity, these detox waters help in weight loss, balances the pH of the body, make digestive system better, elevates the mood, increase energy levels, and improves the complexion. Warm or Cold, these detox waters can do wonders to your body if taken on a daily basis. Indian kitchens are filled with aromatic and flavorful spices that can also be used in medicinal purposes. Below are the 5 best detox water that can be made at home during this pandemic with ingredients available at your home.

Turmeric Water


Turmeric has been used as a vital spice in Indian kitchens times immemorial. It is best known for its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying properties. It has Curcumin which boosts immunity, prevents the free radical from getting damaged, and makes you disease-free. 1 tablespoon of organic turmeric mixed with lukewarm water with honey and lemon took in the empty stomach early morning can do wonders in boosting your immunity. A pinch of black pepper powder can also be added for better absorption of curcumin to the body cells.



Another staple ingredient that is available in every kitchen is Ginger. It is a wonder stem that has immense medicinal properties. It removes the toxins from the body by promoting digestion, improving blood circulation, and inducing sweating. It keeps the stomach, colon, and liver healthy by cleansing all the toxins present there. Add 1 spoon of freshly grated ginger to boiling water and let it infuse for 10 minutes. Add some honey and lemon to it and take sips of this lukewarm water. Having this herbal infusion twice daily for a longer period of time will end up with a better digestive system, glowing complexion, and of course, a better immune response.



Cumin or “jeera” is as versatile as a medicinal spice that has been mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts and Vedas. It is packed with antioxidants which helps in improving the body’s immune response and losing unnecessary weight. It burns the fat by boosting metabolism which results in getting a healthy and fitter body. Put 2 tablespoons of cumin in a glass of normal water and keep it overnight. Strain the water and drink it in the morning empty stomach.



Fruit detox water is one of the trending detoxifier available at many resorts, hotels around Mumbai, homestays, restaurants, etc. Few know that it is can be easily done at home during this lockdown. Fruits are a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Grapes, Oranges, Lime, strawberries, kiwi, etc. are excellent sources of it. It has been recommended by healthcare professionals to consume as much as fruits during this pandemic to stay healthy and disease-free. There has been no cap in shutting down the fruit stalls. Hence, get the fruits of your choice, cut them, and put them in water for the infusion. Keep it in the fridge for 12 hours. Take sips of it twice or thrice daily. This will keep you refreshed, rejuvenated, and has immense mood-elevating properties.



Lemon is a good source of vitamin C that helps our body in fighting the diseases. Consuming a vitamin c rich drink the first thing in the morning will kick start your immune response throughout the day. Mint is packed with a wide range of antioxidants which helps in suppressing the free radical mechanism. Cucumber is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, K, Cooper, Manganese, and Potassium. These 2 ingredients when mixed with lemon-infused water, ends up becoming a really unique detox drink. If you visit any hotels near you, you will definitely find this water at the breakfast buffet. Add 2 sliced lemons, 10-12 mint leaves, and 1 sliced cucumber to 3 liters of water. Keep the water in the fridge for 10-12 hours. Drink the water in normal temperature the next morning in an empty stomach.

Pandemic or no pandemic, the body is our temple and our mind is the soul controlling it. Incorporating these delicious and refreshing detox drinks will definitely boost your immunity but at the same time, it will also enrich you with numerous health benefits. As the famous saying goes by, “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence, prevent your temple from all diseases by making a quick and informed decision.