Have you ever walked on the quiet lanes of Ratlam or I can say 'Ratlam ki Galliyan'? If not, then you must. Ratlam become the talk of the town when the actress & actor in the blockbuster movie Jab We Met got lost in this small town. Located in the northwestern region of Malwa in Madhya Pradesh, Ratlam was founded in 1948 & later reorganized in 1949. Ratlam has a good market place for silver & gold ornaments, various tourist attractions to explore, and a variety of food items to relish. So, pack your bags & visit this iconic district. Make sure to book your rooms in an hourly hotel in Indore from where you can reach Ratlam in three hours.

Places to Visit

I. Explore Unique 'Cactus Garden'

Cactus Garden (Image Source: www.mouthshut.com)

Located in the town of Sailana Palace of Ratlam district, the Cactus Garden is one of the most unique sightseeing places. Established around 50 years back, the cactus garden is a relatively new place on the campus of the 200-year-old Sailana garden. You can view a variety of cacti species of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Here, you get to see Indian as well as some exported cacti species. Bulb cactus, peacock feather cactus, snake cactus, and bell cactus are some significant cacti species present in this garden. So, what are you thinking? Explore this underrated garden of Ratlam. Save your money by booking rooms in an hourly hotel in Indore or Ratlam from MiStay so that you get the flexible check-in option.

II. Visit the serene Kharmour Bird Sanctuary

Kharmour Bird (Image Source: hi.wikipedia.org)

Founded in 1983, Kharmour Bird Sanctuary lies in the Sailana town of Ratlam district. Also known as Sailana Bird Sanctuary, the place covers an area of 13 square kilometers. You can find a rare fauna Kharmour whose home belongs in this very region. The sanctuary has a rich population of deer, rabbits, wild boars, peacocks, parrots, ducks, bulbuls, wild pigeons & various other migratory birds. The best place to visit this alluring bird sanctuary is from July to September. So, are you ready to explore natural beauty? Book a hotel for a few hours in Indore & visit this serene bird sanctuary.

III. Visit picturesque Gadkhange Mata Temple

Beautiful lake near Gadkhange Mata Temple (Image Source: www.tripadvisor.in)

Located near a lake, Gadkhange Mata Temple lies on Banjna road in Ratlam city. The temple is dedicated to a local deity Gadkhange Mata. The whole atmosphere of ringing temple bells with the background scene of mountains & clear water lake makes your visit blissful. Still, thinking? Pack your bags & visit these unexplored places of Ratlam. Don't forget to book an hourly hotel in Ratlam or an hourly hotel in Indore for your economical stay.

IV. Travel to a breathtaking Dholawad Dam

Dholawad Dam (Image Source: www.zeenews.india.com)

Located 25 kilometers west of Ratlam, Dholawad dam is one of the popular tourist attractions. The whole atmosphere gives you a peaceful vibe with the dam & its scenic surroundings. You adore the sight of the sunset while boat sailing. Also known as Saroj Sarovar dam, the Dholawad dam is a perfect place for picnics & relaxation spots away from the hush-bush of city life. The best time to visit this place is during winter. So, what are you waiting for? Book a hotel for a few hours in Indore from MiStay so that you can pay only for the time you stay & visit this serene dam of Ratlam.

Explore Ratlami Cuisine

Mostly in Ratlam, the famous food items are vegetarian. You can explore a variety of dishes in Ratlami cuisine. There are so many mouth-watering snacks & meals available here. From the sweet & salted namkeens to sweet dishes, Ratlam city offers many culinary wonders for your taste buds.

V. Salted & Spicy Food Items

Ratlami Sev (Image Source: www.jiomart.com)

A. Ratlami Sev- The most famous snack from Ratlam is Ratlami Sev. Their tangy flavor doesn't match worldwide. Garnishing of Ratlami Sev on poha (flattened rice), tikki (potato-based shallow fried pancake), or papdi (multi-purpose flour-based deep-fried snack) increases their flavor. Taste-wise, there is no match for Ratlami Sev. Interestingly, the sev has its own authenticity IG mark for identification.

B. Ratlami Poha- One of the most sought-after breakfasts in Ratlam is Poha. The added taste in the poha is due to the garnishing of sev! The crunchiness of sev & softness of poha makes it a perfect dish to savor.

C. Dal Bafla- Bafla is an iconic bread served in Madhya Pradesh. Prepared using ingredients like corn flour, ghee (clarified butter), baking soda, whole wheat flour & curd, bafla is baked bread. These bread are served hot with lentil-based soup (dal). Dal Bafla serves as a perfect savory snack at evening tea time.

There are other popular dishes served in Ratlam like Kesar chai, Kela samosa, imli ki kadhi, palak chaat & barfi. So many food dishes to relish! What are you thinking, then? Plan your holidays & stay hourly hotel in Ratlam or a hotel for a few hours in Indore.

VI. Marketplace of Ratlam

Kothari Market (Image Source: www.ratlamonline.in)

Ratlam marketplace gives a huge opportunity for small traders of nearby towns & villages. Even businessmen from metro cities travel to Ratlam for their authentic jewelry trading! You can get the best quality gold jewelry from the Chandani Chowk market in Ratlam. You can even get authentic quality pearls, diamonds & other precious stones in this marketplace.

You can buy traditional clothes, ornaments & electronic gadgets at a cheaper price in the Gulab Market. Go for saree shopping in the new cloth market & Kothari market of Ratlam.

Still, thinking of Ratlam's visit? Choose an off-beat place of Ratlam for your holidays this time. You can enjoy the peaceful & serene vibes. Detox yourself from the fast pace of metro city life. Go for a spectacular bird sanctuary for the visit. Make sure to book an hourly hotel in Indore for your interim stay.