Transport and accommodation are the foundation of an excellent tour plan. They could make it or break it. A comfortable and appealing hotel stay is a radical factor of your voyage. Then arises a question. Can you book a hotel room for few hours? And the answer is a definite YES!

Gone are the days when hotels would charge their guests for the entire day when the stay is limited to just a few hours. Most hospitality chains in the market are now enthusiastically offering and allowing their guests to stay in their properties for a short period of time, say a few hours and charging them just for the short duration of time. Thus travellers pay just a fraction of what they would have usually paid to stay in for a few hours. While hotels are able to accommodate more guests in a day, this practice is also beneficial for groups of people who take a break from their journey only for a limited number of hours. En route to their destination they can eat, rest and rewind at such hourly basis hotels.

Not only travellers can take advantage of such hotel stay for a few hours, they can also utilise the lounge services, meeting/conference rooms and even bunker beds that these hotels may provide to their guests who visit them just for a few hours. These services help the guests to rest and relax plus fulfil their professional work or commitments with ease and comfort in a very appealing ambience. Hourly hotel booking is generally available in the hotels that are located close to airports, bus stands or railway stations.

The change in lifestyle over the past few years has been immense and there has been a visible and enormous shift in the travelling habits of people.

Following are 7 reasons why travellers use hourly basis hotels

1. Travellers on the move require hotel stay for just a few hours!

Trekkers, pilgrims, travellers who take connecting transportation etc need a place to lounge and unwind. They may or may not need it for an entire day. A hotel that allows lodging and boarding facility for a few hours is the best option for such travellers. Such travellers get to stay for a short period of time and the stay also goes easy on their pockets! Since hourly hotel booking costs them money as per hours and not days, spend your spare time leisurely!


Travelers may wonder how staying at an hourly hotel may benefit them? Because it is going to be affordable! You won’t break your bank to attend a short professional meeting or wait for your next connecting flight in the ambience of a nice and neat hotel! This is what we call economical hospitality!

3. Flexible check-ins and check-outs:-

Hourly hotel booking comes with the advantage of flexible check-in and check-out timings. If your flight is landing or taking off earlier or later than the original schedule or if your meeting schedules inside the hotel premises is preponed or postponed, you can extend your stay at the hotel without all those unnecessary worries and pay according to the hours stayed. As you pay only for the duration of the stay and not the entire day’s rent, you can stay within your spending limits.

4. Benefits you if you are a local:-

Picture these scenarios. 1- You are a young local and have two examinations to give, such that the second one will be conducted a few hours after the first one. The worrying part is that the other centre is far from your house. 2- You are attending two wedding functions that are again a few hours apart from each other, on the same day at a local venue. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get some rest and a tranquil environment to prepare for your next examination in those few hours left? Or wouldnt you love a place where you can relax, change your attire after the previous wedding function and get all adorned for the next wedding function? A hotel stay for few hours in your local vicinity will provide you precisely the place and the comfort that you need in the above two scenarios.

5. Comfortable hotel stay with no judgement attached

Innumerable couples across societies wish to have a safe abode where they spend some quality time in the midst of their travelling schedules. With the limited number of options available for such young couple travellers, hourly basis hotels have come as a huge blessing and respite. With an open mindset, hotels offering rooms to young unmarried couples for short, hourly stay is definitely a welcome change in trend and tradition.

6. Additional advantages and amenities:-

The websites over the internet and hotel booking apps are raging with special offers and discounts for rooms available in their hotels on hourly basis. If you are a traveller on the go and are lucky enough too, then you may even come across dedicated rooms with special amenities and staff dedicated to such hourly basis stay. Your micro stay may allow you to utilise their gym or lounge or spa facilities as a part of their short stay accommodation offer. May lady luck shine on you!

7. A room for your luggage!

May sound weird, but yes, there are times when you are carrying extremely valuable luggage while you are travelling and all that you need is a safe abode not for yourself but for your luggage! Your need may not be to nap or rejuvenate in the hotel room. You may just dump in your luggage in the room and set out touring the place. Hourly hotel booking will come to your rescue here! A cost-effective and extremely safe place to keep your luggage while you go sightseeing keeping your worries behind!

The trend of booking hourly hotels is definitely a cause for great delight to travellers on the go! It has been welcomed with open arms by them because of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness it offers. We are sure this trend is here to stay and will keep evolving for the better, day by day!