Kolkata has good food, never has there been a more true statement. But more times than not, people consider the city to only have good non-vegetarian dishes, due to the intense relationships Bengalis have with fish. While that statement is true, good amount vegetarian places having serving the city amazing veg food for a while now, and new diverse vegetarian options are popping up in the city every now and then.  So if you're visiting Kolkata and lover to indulge yourself in some vegetarian delights, you'll surely love these 7 restaurants.

1. Bombay Shiv Sagar

A good diverse restaurant serving tasty Bombay (Mumbai) vegetarian cuisine is the best way to describe Bombay Shiv Sagar. A favourite of many vegetarians in the city, the eatery is known for its Chinese bhel, Pao Bhaji, Hakka noodles. In general, whatever Bombay Shiv Sagar cooks, they cook with heart, and you can taste the same in their food. Bombay vegetarian cuisine has multiple featuring of south Indian dishes, similarly, this eatery serves multiple south India dishes and also has one of the best dosa in the city. The main restaurant is in Camac street, but there is a chain at City Center 1, to serve all the tourists staying over at hotels in Salt Lake.

Address- 1st Floor, Pantaloons Building, Block B, 22, Camac Street Area, Kolkata

Price- 650 for two

2. Kaidi Kitchen

Themed restaurants can be really fun places to visit when done well, Kaidi Kitchen one such example. A new eatery in the city of Joy, the theme of restaurants is Prison, just like the name would suggest. Apart from setting the ambience with the decorations, the eatery even allows you to dine in one of the few prison cells, but you'll likely have to do a reservation for that for obvious reasons. Kaidi Kitchen also serves a wide variety of cuisines from Mexican, Chinese, Indian and Italian, and of them being equally scrumptious.

Address- 12A, Abanindra Nath, Thakur Sarani, Camac Street Area, Kolkata

Price- 1300 for two

3. Flying Kouzina

What is it with vegetarian restaurants and themed restaurants? The 2nd themed restaurant on the list, and this time you get the opportunity to fly high (on good food). Flying Kouzina lets you experience dining in a 1st class aircraft experience, without having to pay the plane fare or having to travel for multiple hours. The eatery offers an aircraft area, for your normal meals (up to 6 dinners) or the lounge area which can accommodate much more. The restaurants offer a fine culinary experience through their food as well and are famous for their continental dishes like pizza and risotto. Being another vegetarian restaurant in Salt Lake, a hotel in Salt Lake for vegetarian lovers on a visit to the city of joy seems like a perfect match.

Address- AD 73, Near BD Market Bus Stop, Sector 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

Price- 1110 for two

4. 1000 BC

The name might be ancient, but 1000 BC is a new vegetarian that popped into the city. Offering a quite lavish ambience with its decor the restaurant aims to serve veg fine dining food to its customers. The eatery primarily serves Italian and continental cuisine, with North India option also available. Their fusion fondu is worth giving try if you like fondu. The dim lights at 1000 BC, making it perfect for a serene ambience, perfect for an intimate dinner, and making it a couple friendly choice for dates. After a dinner date, you can also opt for a couple friendly hotel in park street for some more intimate time with your partner if you wish to.

Address- Ground Floor, 1, Camac Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Price- 1000 for two

5. Anand

One of the truly legendary restaurants in Chandni Chowk, Anand has been serving the city of joy veg delights for many years. The restaurant mainly has a mastery of south Indian food and is a go-to place for all vegetarians in search of a good dosa. The restaurants also have an honest following of customers who aren't pure vegetarians, due to their excellent food quality. The price is also quite reasonable, and the eatery offers a good ambience being a casual south Indian restaurant. This might be the closest to Kerala one might get while being at Kolkata.

Address- 19, C.R. Avenue, Near Dalhousie Square Area, Chandni Chowk, Kolkata

Price- 500 for two

6. Casa Kitchen

Casa is a pure veg restaurant in Minto Park, primarily serving North Indian cuisine. The eatery is trying to make people aware of the benefits of becoming a vegetarian, from the health benefits to the moral obligations, and lets it food quality speak for itself. Cas is famous for it's Kebabs, it's panner tikka being the standout of the bunch. If you like indulging yourself in the classic north India combo of choice of sabzi + choice of bread, this is your place to visit. Apart from the amazing food, the restaurant also offers a wide variety of mocktails and cocktails, and also has a dedicated corporate lunch menu.

Address- 234/1, Hotel Casa Fortuna, A.J.C. Bose Road, Minto Park, Kolkata

Price- 1000 for two

7. Balwant Singh's Eating House

The OG vegetarian paradise from the city of joy, everyone knows Balwant Singh's Dhaba for its dudh cola and early morning teas. If there is one place non-vegetarian in the city would happily eat veg from, it's this place, due to the heritage it has with the name. Balwant Sing's Eating house is your no bullshit, good north India food place. If you want to have a good variant of any paratha in Kolkata, this is your place to be.

Address- 10/B, Harish Mukherjee Road, Near Bhawanipur Gurudwara, Bhawanipur, Kolkata

Price- 500 for two

These were few of the amazing vegetarian restaurants serving the vegetarian lovers in Kolkata with some appetizing food and ambience. There also many other amazing restaurants and hotels in Kolkata serving tasty vegetarian food.  The food culture in the city is all about inclusivity for the same reason, so many types of food cuisine and habits coexist in the city. So you might be staying over at a hotel in Ballygunge or a hotel in Newtown, you'll always find good vegetarian food in the city of joy.

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