If you think that you have seen everything there's to check out, you could not be more wrong because staying in any of the Victorian hotels in Kolkata isn't the true India to witness. India is not known as incredible India for nothing. This glorious land is riddled with so many mysteries and astonishing things than Alice or Dorothy may ever have notional.

Sometimes uncanny and typically rising, India is jam-packed with surprises. each corner of this wonderland has something waiting to be unravelled, like these staggering stories:

The realm of Black Magic - Mayong, Assam

A cloak of mystery shrouds Mayong, better called the Land Of black magic, a village 40 kms from Guwahati town, near Pobitora wildlife Sanctuary. It's popularly believed that the name Mayong comes from the Sanskrit word for illusion, Maya. Several tales of men disappearing into void, folks being converted into animals, or beasts being magically tamed, are related to Mayong. Black art and magic were historically practiced and passed down over generations. Several ancient relics of Ayurveda and black art are currently preserved within the Mayong Central museum.

Twinnings - Kodinhi (Kerala)

Kodinhi, a sleepy-eyed very little town tucked away in the Malappuram district of Kerala, has managed to baffle scientists across the globe. In a small population of 2000, Kodinhi has 350 pairs of identical twins! It has truly attained the title of 'Twin city.' Half-dozen pairs of twins in each a thousand births is considered a high twinning rate. Kodinhi features a rate of 42 twins per a thousand births. This means, nearly each family in Kodinhi has quite one pair of twins!

What's gravity? - Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

At an altitude of 11000 feet higher than sea level, Magnetic Hill is one amongst the must-see things on the way to Leh. It's famed to possess magnetic power which will pull a car towards itself even when the ignition is off. It's an exhilarating experience, however really, it's only an optical illusion caused by gravity hill. Magnetic Hill is one of the world's recognised gravity hills.

The town with no doors - Shani Shignapur, Maharashtra

Located 35 kms from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, Shani Shinagpur village is reknowned for its popular Shani temple. Reach and stay in any of the hotels in Pune for the time being and then leave for here afresh. This village has never witnessed any crime, which is attributed to the blessings of Shani Dev. The villagers have full faith in their god, and have fully entrusted their safety into his hands. That's why homes and commercial buildings in this village has no doors, or even a door frame. Paying attention of the near-zero crime rate, the UCO Bank has also opened a 'lock-less' branch in this village, the first of its kind in India.

A date with the dead - New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

Now, here's one thing that's morbid and interesting at the same time. The New Lucky restaurant has an atmosphere to kill for. This coffee shop is built on a centuries-old Muslim graveyard. The graves lie between the tables, and are said to belong to a 16th century Sufi saint. The building is often filled with guests and the owner says that the graves are his lucky mascots. God knows what else you might get to see in those hotels in Ahmedabad.

The Eternal Flame - Jwala Ji Temple, Kangra

Throughout the year, individuals visit the Jwala ji Temple of Kangra to seek blessings from the deity. Within the centre of the temple, a hollow stone holds a flame that has been burning for many years. Consistent with the legend, Lord Shiva's spouse, Sati, immolated herself in anguish when her father disrespected her husband. A furious Shiva danced the Tandav Nritya carrying the burnt remains. In doing so, she fell into 51 parts and landed on the world. Every of those locations became a spiritual shrine for the Hindus. The Jwala ji of Kangra is believed to be Sati's fiery tongue.

The shrine of a Biker - Bullet Baba Shrine, Bandai, Rajasthan

At Bandai, Jodhpur, Om Singh Rathore died once he crashed his Bullet into a tree while riding drunk. The police claimed the bike and took it to the station. Succeeding day, the bike was found at the spot of the accident. They brought it back to the station, emptied the fuel tank and chained it. However the bike miraculously found its way back to accident spot consecutive day. The motorbike was moved for good to the location and the Om baba (or Bullet baba as it is popularly called) Shrine was erected. On a daily basis several passers-by come to offer their prayers. The spirit of Om Banna is believed to guard travellers.

The stones which float - Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Located on Pamban Island, and separated from the Indian mainland by the Pamban Channel, the little town of Rameshwaram has great significance in Hindu mythology. Stones used to build this bridge had Rama's name engraved on them and they never sank in water. The curious fact is that such 'floating stones' are still found around Rameshwaram!

Red is the Rain - Idukki, Kerala

The first incident of Red Rain was recorded as early as 1818. Idukki has been classified a 'Red Region'. In Hinduism, red rain is the wrath of the Gods, punishing sinners. It signals a wave of destruction and woe. Some believe the killing of innocents leads to red rain. Scientists are yet to come up with an explanation.

Keep using those short stay hotels and be on the road as much as possible. One life simply is not enough to visit all that there is to envision in Incredible India. Perhaps that is why we Indians believe in reincarnation.