Planning a few romantic hours in peace with your beloved in the clamour of the city is like waging a war against an army of zombies. The air-tight 24X7 work environment spares nobody. But for optimistic people, the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra offers a number of exotic resorts where they can spend some quality time with their significant others. You must note that holidays in resorts nearby Mumbai are always a thrill no matter what. Check out these 10 beautiful resorts nearby Mumbai.

1. Della Resorts in Lonavala

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Perched peacefully in the lap of exotic Lonavala, Della resorts in Kunegaon is a gem exuding warmth of beauty from every corner. It hosts a variety of adventure activities to add spark to your experience and make it unforgettable for life.

Della Resorts is around 84 kms from the heart of Maharashtra—Mumbai. It is equipped with all the latest amenities. To curb your hunger pangs, more than five options are available for restaurants including Parsi Dhaba and Sports bar which presents you delicious signature food in an overall excellent atmosphere. These luxurious resorts are a treat for adventure freaks and newly married couples. With state of the art facilities such as nightclubs, lounges, and bars, Della Resorts represents the perfect amalgamation of top-notch services and unconventional luxury.

Della Adventure Park is the most special thing about this place. Its a fun place to make all your thrilling dreams come true! Della Adventure Park boasts of exciting rides and adventures sports such as dirt bike riding and paintball shooting. A picturesque location with beautiful landscape, this place is a chance escape from monotony.

If you are staying in one of the hotels in Mumbai and still have a plenty of spare time left, you must plan a trip to this beautiful resort. You would surely want to thank us later

2. Mystica Resort in Khandala


Tucked away in the heart of picturesque Sahayadri Mountains, Mystica Resorts is a serene place and you will find yourself unwind completely enjoying the true beauty of nature.

The resort has beautiful rooms with scenic views, kids’ playground, lavish bar at the houseboat, and what not. It is situated around 82 kms from Mumbai.

Besides, Khandala is a beautiful city which possesses a blend of varying attractions and undoubtedly its a popular destination ever since the time when the Bollywood number "Aati kya Khandala" released. If you are already staying in one of the hotels in Mumbai, from there you can visit this place too.

3. U Tropicana Resort in Alibaug

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Situated on the outskirts of Alibaug, U Tropican Resort in Alibaug caters to people from all walks of life. It has a number of facilities such as wellness spas and gaming for its guests. The exotic resort has been divided into three categories: standard, deluxe, and super deluxe rooms. A night stay at U Tropicana Resort in Alibaug costs INR 5,000.

4. Ccaza Comodore in Alibaug

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Thinking to get rid of the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city? There can’t be a better place than Ccaza Comodore Resort nestled in the heart of Mandawa village. This luxurious haven is situated lies on the Arabian seaside.
The best part is that you can take a ferry from the Gateway of India to Mandawa. It is just a 7 minute ride from Mandawa to this magnificent resort.

Alibaug, the coastal town in Maharashtra is well known for its natural sightseeing and has a lot of places and sites to visit. So never miss this place if you are staying nearby this resort in one of the hotels in Mumbai.

5. The Machan Resort in Lonavala

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Another resort to make it in our list of top 10 romantic resorts near evMumbai is from Lonavala. Surrounded by scenic views and therapeutic beauty, The Machan Resort promises to give you unforgettable memories for a lifetime.
It is divided into 3 categories: Forest Machan, Heritage Machan, and Canopy Machan. Each Machan is equipped with modern facilities. This paradise is just 97 kms from the heart of Mumbai.

6. Zara’s Resort in Khandala

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As the name suggests itself, Zara’s Resort in Khandala is one of the most luxurious resorts brimming with exotic pieces for life. All the gorgeous rooms at Zara’s are equipped with modern facilities.
Zara’s Resort earns reputation for its food also.

7. Fariyas Resort in Khandala

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One more exotic resort for couples in the heart of Khandala. Fariyas Resort is a spacious five-star delight for couples seeking to spend some quality time together. This blissful resort is situated around 84 kms from Mumbai.
Located in scenic Frichley Hills with proximity to Pawana Lake, Lohagad Fort, and Karla Caves; this place is a heaven for nature lovers and enthusiast. Famous for its restaurant, Fusion and bar Tavern, serving lip-smacking food is one of the finest dining’s you can experience. Fariyas also features some amazing wellness retreat facilities like saloons, spa and indoor heated swimming pool to make you feel relaxed and nourished.
The one thing unique and special about this place is Wild Water. A fun seeking a place, Wild Water is an amusement cum Water Park equipped with exhilarating rides like The Crazy Float Flume and The Whirling Body Chute. With an in-house bar serving refreshing concoctions, Wild Water provides a complete package of fun and entertainment.

By now, you know that this resort has a lot of specialties and this is what helps in mustering the tourists so if you are staying in any of the hotels in Mumbai, do not forget to spend a day at this place. Your kids will love the amusement park and will thank you endlessly for the fun that awaits!

8. Upper Deck Resort in Lonavala

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Wrapped in the serene beauty of exotic Lonavala, Upper Deck Resort exudes tranquillity and serenity like no other of its league. It is also regarded as one of the best honeymoon resorts. The key feature of the resort is its heart shaped swimming pool with an open-air Jacuzzi.
If you are in search of the best resorts near Mumbai, this place can offer you an unmatched experience. You can book your pleasant experience much in advance via online hotel booking.

9. The Lagoona Resorts in Lonavala

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Peaceful, calm, and tranquil are few words to describe The Lagoona Resorts in Lonavala. Its patrons call it the best resort for nature lovers. It is divided into four categories: standard rooms, deluxe rooms, executive rooms, and lagoon suites. The best feature of the resort is its private balconies attached to every room.

10. The Dukes Retreat in Khandala

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Just like its name, The Dukes Retreat in Khandala rules the heart of its beholders for its serenity, breathtaking landscapes, and unmatched beauty. The resort has some of the best cottages along with standard rooms.

An intimidating place for lovers, the resort enhances your experience with its many recreational activities including World Class Zazen Spa to de-stress visitors with therapy and massage. Impressive landscapes gardens with striking beauty, dedicated kids play area and swimming pool, and a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports make The Dukes Retreat is a perfect blend of modern comfort stay and a leisure destination.

Do not think twice dear couples! Just head to these beautiful resorts from Mumbai. For online hotel booking, we are just a click away.