The life of a business traveller revolves around hotel booking websites and finding the best hotel options for a short stay. Well, if you are a business entrepreneur having thousands of frequent flier miles under your belt, and yet you are putting up with the challenges of business travel, then you must read this. So what is the biggest challenge for business travellers? Is it finding the right hotel booking websites? Or deciding which hotel booking app to use? Or the thought “Will I ever make it to the elite 10 million miles club?” 😂 Well, it’s none of these. The biggest challenge for business travellers is packing their bags without forgetting the essential things and for this purpose you need some serious packing hacks!

As you criss-cross the countries for your business requirements, knowing how to pack efficiently and effectively is very important, besides choosing the right hotel booking app. They say packing right is an essential skill and we at MiStay tell you to pack it light! Once you are through with booking your destination, the next thing on your to-do list is packing smartly.

While there are a number of packing hacks for business travelers but here are a few important ones.

1. It's time to take the charge! Always leave home with a FULL BATTERY


If you’re going for a business trip, you’ll certainly require some batteries to carry along, for your personal electronic items and gadgets such as shavers, cameras, iPods or other battery-operated equipment. But to get the most of these devices while travelling, you should know some essential packing do’s and dont’s. If you are carrying spare batteries and battery chargers keep them in your carry-on luggage. Do not forget to carry your charger and a power bank too so that you can charge your phone or tablet on the go. If the charger has an electrical cord, make sure to wrap it tightly around the charger. And this one can be a lot helpful. Always and always fully charge your phone and other devices before leaving for the airport.

2. Carry your backups, not your breakups!


Before you head out on your trip, be sure to keep important backups and paper documentation on the SD card of your smartphone. Rather than packing up a folio, keep high resolution scanned copies of your driver’s license, passport, visas, and credit cards on your phone’s memory card. Along with this carry multiple photocopies of your passport that has your photo and full name on it. Also instead of reaching out to your heavy laptop every time you want to access any document, try to store all of your data and backups on the cloud. That can be a real lifesaver if you ever lose anything during your business trip.

3. Forget the colors for a while! Step into a black and white world.


Well black and white colors can be like a magic wand in your carry on luggage as as these colors match with everything else. Cool, huh? Yes all the other colors full of life and vitality can match the black and white color very well. So, instead of stocking up on various colors in your luggage, think differently while you pack your business attire. One pair of black jeans, two pairs of black and white shirt each and a formal business suit in black will get you through your business trip with ease.

4. Remember the liquid thumb rule! Here’s a liquid tip for your business trip


Surely you can carry liquids in your baggage while heading for a business trip but you will have to be a little careful. First, you should check out which liquids are not allowed on the airplane. Well, there is a list of prohibited liquids on the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) website. So know the liquid thumb rule very well before you pack your bags!

Next, you will need to determine if you are using too much space because of carrying those liquid bottles. Transfer your contact solution into an old small bottle, preferably travel sized bottles. Follow the same for every liquid that you are carrying along with you. This will save you some space in your luggage bag. Remember not to carry any colored liquids as there is a chance that they could spill on your clothes and you could land up in a big trouble on reaching your destination, especially if it's your business trip and you’ll have no time to shop!

5. Your clothes can be like your hair! Don't believe us?


If you are a female business traveler, we swear by this trick. Before using your hair straightener on your hair use it on your clothes first to smooth wrinkles on that shirt. Yes heat up a hair straightener and gently glide it over the wrinkled areas and you’ll be surprised to see that it does a great job. So now since your hair looks good and your clothes look perfect, do send us a selfie in your business outfit!

6. Learn to be a space hacker!


It is just not possible fitting everything into your luggage before you leave for your business trip! Not at all a good idea for the business travelers especially! But if you think you have a lot of essentials to carry but less space, then learn to be a space hacker!

One of the best space saving hacks any frequent business traveller will give you is right here! If you are low on packing space, then stuff your socks into your shoes and you have a longer way to go! This hack will not only maximize space but will also help your shoes will not give up their shape. Doing the collar right or ironing your shirt’s collar just before a business meeting can be a stressful activity. Another best space saving hack is to roll your belts into your shirt collar to keep it looking fresh and prevent it from getting wrinkled.

7. Fill your baggage till it doesn't hurt your baggage!


Are you a person who loves to overpack things not by need but may be by habit? Then you should definitely try to change this habit before planning for your next business trip. Once you are simply back from your business trip simply take everything out of your briefcase. And think do you really need those extras in your baggage?? Try to find out the items that were completely untouched or not used during your business trip. Once you have figured out, it's time to throw them out of course out of your suitcase we mean and leave it at home if you are only making a short trip.

We hope that packing sounds much simpler to you by now! Yes you can spend significant time now on your favorite hotel booking website now checking out the discounts and offers and the various perks available for you! Because your packing woes have been sorted out.

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