India is a country which can surprise you with the most random ways, and leave an imprint of a cherishing memory. From the sprawling slums to towering skyline, you will find them both in the same city. Such is the contrast and diversity visible here to you. Which takes us to the point which states that there something to cater for everyone here. And it lead us to today's article that will speak about what you should do in these major cities, with just ₹100 in your pocket.

Wagha border near Amritsar

Only a 45 minute drive from Amritsar, you need to see this show at least once. It is a No man's land between the once brothers now foes India and Pakistan, and every evening we get to see soldiers from each side showing-off their prowess and power. A foot-stomping march and display of culture on each side, with interaction of people from each side is something which will keep you hooked throughout. And guess what? No entry fee or tickets! Spend all of that dough on eating the savouries here.

Victoria memorial in Kolkata

A piece of history and a significant monument of Kolkata, it represents the colonial influence and then independence from it in many ways. Just a fare of ₹20-₹30 and you are all set to relive the yesteryears. A guided tour is also available for you for free, and the beautiful campus will keep you captivated for hours. You won't mind staying in here between a surrounding like this. Go there, have an Aloo Bonda and you'll still have money to take a tram ride.

Haleem in Hyderabad

Can there be even an alternative for this? And vegetarians don't worry, they now have a veggie-haleem too. Go straight to a street food market in Hyderabad and ask for Haleem. You'll easily get a serving for you in ₹100, and then you can bless us for this suggestion while crying over its amazing taste. The texture of the gravy, the spices splurged into it with th... Sorry, can't write anymore. Need to book a flight and any of the hotels in Hyderabad right now!

Beer in Goa

There's a reason why people from all over the world just stuff their backpacks and fly in to this paradise without a second thought. Cheap beer! In a ₹100, you can get 2 pints of beer and that will definitely light you up. Just sit on the beach with a chilled one in your hand, watching the sunset before you leave for your hotel in Goa. And if you don't drink beer, well, get a soft drink but do watch the sunset.

Boating in Varanasi

It is one of the oldest cities of the world, and has an energy which exuberates from each and every inch of this place. Not just the temples but also the city in itself brings in something different for you to experience. But getting on a boat on the ghats and then rowing through the Ganga will transcend you to the peace of mind you came looking for. Choose a time when the sun is not that harsh and you will feel that these are the most worthy ₹100 you ever spent.

The Temples in Khajuraho

A UNESCO World Heritage Site to visit and witness the grandiosity of the Chandela dynasty. The sculpture art of these temples are famous worldwide for the subject they depict and welcome many interpretations on why the artist chose to sculpt Kamasutra on the walls of a temple. Apart from this, if you want to spend your day in a place with beautiful surroundings and a peaceful mind with only ₹100 to spend, just go there.

Dosa in Bengaluru

Dosa is not just one of the staple food of the majority of South India, but it will not be any exaggeration in saying it is love for many. Ever saw people making faces when someone says they don't like Biryani? It's the same with this rice-made wonder. And it is cheap as well, being available as tasty as anywhere on the streets on Bengaluru. You don't even need to step in any of those hotels in Bangalore to get them. Plus, there's not just one kind of Dosa these days, but if you're at the right place, there's 99 of them. Good luck for choosing your one.

Nehru Centre in Mumbai

Mumbai has its own groove and each part of it makes you dance to its own tune. A lot of things to do but this is something rarely considered as an option but we feel is undermined. Getting to know about history and science in a way your teachers could never think of, and also being entertained. With shows lined up for you in 3 languages(Hindi, Engish and Marathi), there are also fun apparatus available for you to play with. It gets very nostalgic reliving our childhood fascinations of science here, and ₹100 is all you need to do that.

Theatre play in Delhi

The suggestions for Delhi could've been a large list of different food items you can have, but this is something done the best here. Reach the theatre from whichever of the hotels in Delhi you chose to stay in by a Metro, and you'll still have money for a regular play. With the giant like National School of Drama existing here with many other significant theatre groups, a play staged in Delhi always has some value to it. Actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna Pathak, Paresh Rawal and many more also perform in plays with their groups. And for ₹100 you get a compelling story, a noise-less theatre, a live experience and a contribution to one of the most interactive medium of storytelling.

Handmade chocolates in Coorg

Coorg is famous for many things like its hills, the rum, the wine, its tea and other stuff. But what fits your budget perfectly are the chocolates. Handmade by the locals, these are tasty, fresh and available in different flavours too. The cold weather of this place can easily compel you to sit somewhere, watching downhill and bite in this lip-smacking chocolate. Don't even share it with anyone. Let it be your guilty pleasure.

Now we aren't saying these are the only things you can do with that amount of money, but these are the things which will make your money spent worthy. Many things came just short in making to this list surely are available, telling that there's so much more to do in India. Seeing the skyline from any of your hotels in Mumbai can be comforting, but getting on the streets will be a memory so vibrant that it will be hard to forget.