Ah! Kolkata, the city of joy. The city where if you throw a stone randomly, you are most likely to hit a poet. Kolkata celebrates its love for art and literature. Let it be at a small local tea shop at Garia or a hotel at Ballygunge, people in Kolkata love to gather up and talk about anything and everything. With the recent boom of a movement that is equivalent to Romanticism for eateries, Kolkata has become home to numerous cafes with different cuisines, aesthetics, and some with their unique twist. So with so many cafes, it becomes hard to choose which ones to visit first. So to make things easier for you here are 7 cafes in Kolkata that you should visit for an exquisite experience.

1. Flury's

Source- LLB

Founded by 1927, Flury's was the child of J Flury's and his wife. Located in posh Park Street, Flury's was one of the first tea room in Kolkata that gave the city crazy fanatic for heavy meals, a taste of exquisite tidbit bakery food. In between structures of nightlife like the Oly Pub, Moulin Rouge, and The Park, Flury's is your moment of peace away from all the hassle. The aesthetic interiors make you want to just sit and appreciate the café. The delicate confectionary you might regret eating until you take your first bite and don't. A visit to Flury's is not about the food anymore some might say, but more about the experience the heritage the café holds. The diverse group of people you see at the café at any time, from college students from St Xavier's and Loreto, couples cherishing the moment in the corner table, a group of best friends unaware they are making memories, to foreigners sitting alone sipping their cup of tea who might tell you the most beautiful stories about their life at the City of Joy. Flury's has over 15 chains all over India, but the original one at park street is highly recommended for breakfast if you're staying over at a hotel in Park street.

Address- 18A, Park St, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700018

2. 8th Day Café & Bakery

8th Day café is your perfect English café experience with beautiful interiors. The café hoist an extensive menu from Bagels, Banana bread to your Greek salads and BBQ chicken meals, and don't forget the crunchy chocolaty cookies. But what stands out more than it's extensive menu is the quality of every dish it serves it, customers. The café also allows you to play board games if you are up for some Jenga or Uno with friends to spend that perfect evening. and outdoor sitting for that romantic evening vibe. If you're staying over at a hotel in Ballygunge, surely visit this café for an amazing breakfast near Vivekananda Park.

Address- 11, Jatin Bagchi Road, CIT Scheme 47, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029 (You can also visit their chain at Park circus, near Quest Mall)

3. Mrs. Magpie

Source- The Telegraph

Ever saw a small cozy café in a movie located in a somewhat unexpected place, with crafty tables that serve small adorable cupcakes and hot chocolate? That is Mrs magpie. A small picturesque café, Mrs. Magpie has the most pretty food in Kolkata one might say. The café is famous for its cupcakes and smooth chocolates and also serves a tasty pasta. The amazing tea choice's in the café is also a good ad on, and in case you're not a tea person surely try their hot chocolate perfect for a rainy day with a book. Due to the location, and the number of tables Mrs. Magpie is normally not crowded, and the place is perfect for a small four friend meets over a teacup and cupcake, dates, or some time in solitude. The café also takes orders for cakes in case you want that small cupcake in a bigger size.

Address- 570, Lake Terrace Rd, Near Vivekananda park, Golpark, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

4. Roastery

Roastery it the new kid on the block, which still might be a bit unknown to a lot but slowly is gaining prominence among the hipster circle of Kolkata youths. Roastery might appeal to you differently compared to the other places on the list. Roastery is famous for different variants of luxurious coffees from Cascaras to your coffees on French press and Syphons, to something new like the Cold brew. Perhaps the biggest struggle in roastery is getting a table, as normally there is quite a long queue in the evenings, especially if you intend to get one of the aesthetic outside sitting tables. The food at the roastery surprisingly is as good as their coffee. They also have the option of buying coffee beans, if you are a hardcore coffee freak or like to occasionally indulge in some good coffee at home. Another place you would love to visit if you're staying over at a hotel near Ballygunge.

Address: 70B, Inside South India club, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

5. Karma Kettle

Source- OutlookIndia

As we go down the list the cafes become more and more niche, even to the localities, and Karma Kettle surely falls in the niche list. Located near Ekdalia, Karma Kettle is located just below the Ivy House, one of the unique hotels in Kolkata. The café has an extensive menu of teas, which is pretty much any tea lovers' wet dream. From White Teas, Oolong Teas, Green Tea, Ancient healing Teas, Matchas, Ice teas to their own special Kolkata Teas which includes 'Nolun Gur and Khejur cha', this place has it all. And if that isn't enough the tidbits snacks and food are also die for, especially the succulent memos. The yellowish lighting paired up the wooden setting of the café sets up a very serine experience for the visitors. You also have the option of buying all the different teas from the menu to take home for yourself.

Address- 4, Swinhoe St, Ekdalia, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

These were a few of many exquisites cafes one can visit on their next trip to Kolkata. You may be staying over at relatives/friends or a hotel in Kolkata, there is always an amazing café nearby in the city.

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