It is undoubtedly the most important decision you will make to ensure your stay at a hotel is as comfortable and welcoming as possible when you're enjoying a few days of relaxation or exploring the sights of a certain city. Today, there are many ways to book a hotel, but the truth is that there are a few things that are always necessary to remember in order to avoid making a mistake. The modern world has the advantage of constant new offers and the option to compare prices and services in a detailed manner. Additionally, online booking has introduced a new, but no less important, variable: guest reviews. Our team has gathered the ten most important considerations that you must make when booking your hotel.


The location of a hotel is extremely important, along with the fact that you have access to a car or other means of transport. A centrally located hotel is important when traveling in large cities, so that you can move around freely and save time and money by avoiding unnecessary costs. When traveling to a picturesque area, the proximity of your hotel to your destination and the terrain itself will be a concern. When you locate a lodging option that has wonderful views while staying within your budget, your vacation will be perfect. It is important to figure out where public transportation, grocery stores, and dining options are located near where you are staying.

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Hotel Room

It makes sense to prioritize what you spend the majority of your time on.  Ensure that all room specifications are correct - images, size, view, bed options, bathroom, air conditioning, and heating. Additionally, you may wish to consider adding a tea/coffee maker, safe, fridge, and iron board.  Reviews should be read carefully, as photo descriptions can be misleading about the quality of an establishment, its size, noise, views, etc.

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A final decision should be based on the relationship between price and the two previous factors. It is generally more expensive in locations with more stars. Visit the official website of the hotel for a first-hand view of the hotel's features, and always look for attractive offers and packages that include additional services. Find out if there are any offers or discounts available for making online reservations directly on the website or from another source.

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Hotel Accessibility and Safety

There should be an easy way to get to the hotel from the airport and train station. An airport shuttle provided by the hotel would be a big plus. In order to travel easily and affordably, public transport should be located nearby.  Taking an Uber or a taxi will put a significant strain on your budget. One shouldn't feel uncomfortable approaching the hotel at odd hours if it is located in a secure area. You have to take extra precautions if you are a solo female or traveling with children.

Source: The American Protection Group

Hotel Reputation

In comparison to stand-alone hotels, hotels affiliated with popular groups have a higher level of safety. In general, chains with a reputation for quality can be relied upon to meet a certain standard. Joining loyalty programs for good hotel brands is advantageous. There are a lot of benefits to joining these types of programs, when you could get a bunch of freebies like early check-in, late check-out, free breakfast, and upgrades.

Source: Hospitality Net

Check-in/Check-out Time

One important factor often gets overlooked but is incredibly important. The hotel would not be able to provide you a room if you arrive before the scheduled check-in time or leave the hotel after the scheduled check-out time. Ensure that the hotel permits early check-in and late check-out. Hotels are willing to be understanding and accommodating much of the time. Hopefully, they will hold your luggage at no charge.

So these were some really important considerations one should keep in mind while booking a hotel. Check out some similar blogs on our website.  Also, if you are booking an hourly hotel, Mistay is India's best hotel booking platform which can help you out. Thank me later!