Goa to India is what Thailand is to the world. The amazing nightlife, the sandy beaches and the beautiful sea. Goa has it all. A place that is perfect for the bachelorette, honeymoon or just a fun-filled trip with friends or family. However, in the past few years, the main attractions in Goa have become too crowded and if you are visiting Goa for the first time, you may find it a bit different from all that you have heard. The buzz is still there from all the tourists and you might be longing for that recluse and respite that you thought about when planning for this trip. Fret not folks, we have come to your rescue. We have compiled a list of 7 hidden places in Goa that are unexplored even today. So when you visit Goa, don't flock where everyone goes just do the opposite and you will surely thank us.

1. Arambol Beach

A small village of the native fishermen in Goa, Arambol is such a beautiful bech that you will be left spellbound when you visit here. One of the unexplored and little known beaches of North Goa, Arambol beach is located at a distance of 60 km from the Goa International Airport. Arambol is famous for its lively flea market, the hippie culture, unique pubs, exciting nightlife, beach shacks for quality food even late in night and for adventure sports such as paragliding and kitesurfing. Arambol offers a spectacular view of the sea from the cliffs alongside and is still untouched. You can reach here from Panjim via bus and the bus stand is just 2 km away from the beach. Book hotel room before you reach Goa so that you have one less thing to bother about when you land.


2. Butterfly Beach

Another unexplored beach is the Butterfly beach. Earlier Palolem in south Goa was unexplored but even Palolem is now flocked in large numbers. But the geography of this beach limits the tourist's numbers. The beach can be accessed only by a boat and not by buses, cars or bikes since it is surrounded by dense vegetation. The boat ride is around Rs 1000 but the trip is worth it or you can also trek through the forest to reach here. Being untouched, the place is more lively with sea animals and creatures. You can easily spot the dolphins and crabs and also the beautiful butterflies that give the name to this beach. The white-sand beaches and the clear water of the Arabian Sea in the background make for a serene view and you will not want to leave this place. The place is perfect if you want a break from the buzz of crowded places. If you want to make long journey's, it is advisable to book day-use hotels or book hotels by the hour to make your stay more economical.


3. Harvalem Falls

At a distance of 42 km from Panjim, this waterfall is hidden from the visitors. Being away from the beach, tourists seldom visit this translucent waterfall. Surrounded by dense forest, the Harvalem waterfall is a treat to the eye. There is also a Lord Shiva temple nearby and the unexplored Arvalem caves too. If you want complete privacy, you might consider visiting this offbeat location in Goa. The waterfall has enough water during November to march and so it is recommended to visit during these months. You can get the transport options to reach here from either Panjim or Mupasa. There are a lot of couple friendly hotels in Goa so plan a visit soon.


4. Sinquerim Fort

Goa was found by the Portuguese and was home to them until the British drove them out. You can still see the influence of Portuguese architecture when you visit old Goa. However, if you want to witness the grandeur of Portuguese architecture, you might consider visiting the Sinquerim fort. Located beside the Sinquerim beach in Sinquerim village, the fort is a rather unexplored place in Goa that offers the best stunning views. If you love taking pictures, the fort would be a delight to you. You can also relax by the beach which is very less crowded and away from the buzz. The lace seems to cater to people who love a less busy place with its numerous luxury hotels and accommodations. You can also indulge in swimming, fishing, scuba diving and windsurfing here which makes the visit more worthwhile. At just an hour away from the Goa Airport, Sinquerim is a must-visit place.


5. Rivona Caves

The best way to visit these caves is on a bike. Take the state highway 7 and continue straight on it for around an hour until you hit the Tilamol-Curdi area. Just after 10 minutes, you will find the Rivona caves. The cave is believed to be a place of meditation of a Buddhist monk and the laterite rock inside is sid to be his meditation seat. Not just that, the insides of the cave have been carved with numerous Buddhist sculptures, paintings which make the caves a treat to the eyes. The caves are located in Rivona Village in South Goa and the view of the sea from there is just a cherry on top. The unique style of these caves surely makes it a must-visit.


6. Cumbarjua Backwater Canal

Everyone visits Goa for the beaches, however, only a few are aware of the thrilling adventure activity of Kayaking in Goa. Yes, on the banks of Mandovi river, in Cambarjua is the Camberjua canal which flows throw the thick mangrove forests. These backwaters are the spot for kayaking for thrill-seekers but are fairly unknown. If you love untouched places and have a knack for adventure, follow the NH 48 and travel on foot to reach the Cambarjua Canal. You can also spot crocodiles enjoying the sunshine on the bank of the river. The waterway passes through the mangrove and the marshes. This provides some of the best views and thrilling experience that not many know about.


7. Netravali

The Netravali is a rather mysterious place in Goa. Located in the Sanguem district in South Goa, the Natravali Lake is just 65 km away from the Goa Airport. You can book a rental cab or a bike and go on a beautiful journey to reach this lake. Now, it is not just an ordinary lake. There are some methane deposits below the ground which leaks from underneath and makes the water surface to bubble out. This makes it very unique and fun to watch. There is also the option of Fish Spa here so just dip your feet in the water and let the tiny fishes do their job. Don't hesitate in visiting Goa with your live-in partner. There are a lot of hotels for unmarried couples in Goa where you can stay comfortably.


Goa is on the bucket list of almost everyone in India. But the recent surge in visitors have taken the sheen away from it. So be a bit more responsible and don't litter. Don't leave your footprints so that it worsens the experience of people who visit after you. Meanwhile, if you like to explore places, just tie your laces and head to the above destinations in Goa.

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