Mumbai, the economic capital of India is also called the city of dreams. Many people visit Mumbai every year to have a date with destiny. Many fail and many live up to their dreams and the city moves on. The city is located on the seafront facing the Arabian sea and is one such destination that is on the bucket list of every traveller. With its beautiful location, the sea, the beaches and the numerous sites, Mumbai is a heaven for couples. There is nothing more beautiful than visiting the romantic destinations of this city with your loved one and the magic that this city holds will surely work like a charm to strengthen your bond. So without any further hiccups, let's dive into the 7 most romantic things to do for couples in Mumbai.

1. Gateway of India

The Gateway of India is not really a popular site for just couples but to start your day on a lighter note, you can visit this historic site in Colaba at Apollo Bandar. The site attracts a lot of tourists and you can also enjoy boating here on a ferry. Built-in the year 1942, this architectural masterpiece is certainly a must-see and a picture with the iconic India Gate in the background is a must for anyone visiting Mumbai. From the sea you can see the entire Hotel Taj Palace and the Nariman point as well. A walk with your loved one along the port can be the perfect opportunity to engage in heartfelt conversations and you will surely not regret coming here. The main reason for couples to visit here is to allow them to talk. There s nothing much of an activity to do here but the setting is perfect to forget everything else and engage in a deep conversation. So the couples who tend to be busier on a particular day can really relax here and give each other time that they are supposed too. If you are visiting Mumbai with you love, leave the comforts of your couple friendly hotel and hit this spot.

Gateway of India

2. Elephanta Caves

After you are done talking, you can opt for going to the Elephanta caves. It takes around 45 minutes to an hour to reach the island where these gigantic caves can be seen and explored. The ferry ride in itself is a wonderful experience and you will see flocks of seagull circling the ferries in search of food. The Elephanta caves are one of the religious sites for Hindus and are also a heritage site protected and managed by the ASI. There are some magnificent and intricate sculptures and figurines of Hindu deities and also ancient Buddhist Stupas. The caves are mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva. Couples you would surely love the time spent there. Walk hand in hand exploring those mighty caves and enjoy the serene view from the island. This might take a complete day so you better book day-use hotels or hotels by the hour.

Elephanta caves

3. Essel World Amusement Park

If you are visiting Mumbai in the summer months, it is probably best to avoid going to Elephanta caves and head on to Essel World Amusement Park. The park is one of the largest and famous parks not just in Mumbai but in entire India. The park came into operation in 1986 and houses all the modern rides and ambiences that you can find in any other amusement park. There are a plethora of exciting rides and activities to indulge in at the Essel World water park. The park is open on all days of the year and is spread across a huge 42 acres of land. You can enjoy several rides such as Top Spin, Hoola-Loop, Copper Chopper, Thunder, Slippery Sultan, Zyclone, Aero Swinger, and Shot-N-Drop, to mention a few. There is also the mist ride that is lined with monsters. A day into Essel World with your partner can be a thrilling day and you both will love each moment spent there. There are a lot of hotels for unmarried couples in Mumbai so don't hesitate to visit Mumbai with your live-in partner.

Essel World

4. Palm Beach Navi Mumbai

The thing with couples is that they don't need any fancy activity or adventure to bond there. One of the fantastic ideas for couples is to take a late-night ride or a walk through open streets. In Mumbai, if you want such a late-night romantic walk with your bae, head to the Palm beach marg of Navi Mumbai. The beach road is a 10-kilometre long stretch that has 6 lanes and a drive or walk can be really relaxing. There are also commercial roads by the palm beach that join Belapur and Vashi that run parallel through the Mumbai harbour. Late night walks on this side of the city can be a very romantic idea and you will surely love conversing openly while you take a walk or drive by the beach. If you want to experience this when you visit Mumbai, book your couple friendly hotel in Mumbai close to the Palm beach.

Palm beach road

5. Madh Island Beach

We all have heard about Juhu Beach, Aksa Beach and Marine Drive but one of the cleanest beaches of Mumbai is the Madh Island beach. The beach is more famous and visited by locals due to its cleanliness. Many small villages and farmlands border the beach which gives it the feel of the countryside. There are mangrove forests all around the beach which makes the weather even more pleasant. If you love fishing or boating, come along with your love and take a walk on the beach, explore the local fishing community and take a romantic boat ride. There are also several hotels in Mumbai alongside the Madh Island beach where you can even stay and wake up the wonderful view of the sea. The place is also a preferred destination for filming. If you are planning to visit Madh Island beach you can do so from June to October when the humidity is less and you can enjoy a date with your loved one more.

Madh Island

6. Nariman Point

Situated in South Mumbai in Colaba, the Nariman point is the end of the Mumbai landmass facing the sea. The place is named after a municipal corporator by the name of Khursheed Framji Nariman who worked for the development of this area. Nariman point is a favourite among couples who wish to see the sunset. The sunset is really beautiful at Nariman Point and you can even enjoy a few drinks from a bar. The Nariman point is a very lively place and is always abuzz with activities like nukkad natak and dance events and many theatre groups performing their drama, exhibiting art galleries, and several other events.

Nariman Point

7. Aer Rooftop Bar

The best way to end the day and call it a night would be with a proper candlelight dinner where the two of you could just be in the company of each other and reminisce and swoon over all that you witnessed n Mumbai. Aer is one such place which would be perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one before you retire to your couple friendly hotel in Mumbai. Aer is one of the highest rooftop bars in Mumbai with a huge assortment of cocktails, wine and beer. The view of the sea from the top is a stunning one which is guaranteed to charm you both. The lounge is a dimly lit space with perfect melody tuned for comfort where you can gossip all you want. Located on the 34th floor of the Seasons hotel, the Aer is the best place for a couple to spend their evening in Mumbai. Just hold each others hand, talk and retire to your couple friendly hotel in Mumbai and have a loving night.


Not married yet? Don't worry since there are a lot of hotels for unmarried couples in Mumbai. Now that you have the location, just plan a day with your better half, go to the beach or spend a day full of adventure and end the day with a perfect candlelight dinner. Your lover will definitely be surprised and amazed.

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