Saurashtra Somnatham Cha Shrishaile Mallikarjunam ||
Ujjainyam Mahakal Omkare Mammaleshwaram ||
Parlyam Vaijnatham Cha Dakinyam Bheema Shankaram ||
Setu Bandhe Tu Ramesham Nagesham Daruka Vane ||
Varanasya Tu Vishwesham Tribakam Gautamitate ||
Himalaye Tu Kedaram Ghurmesham Cha Shivalaye ||
Aetani Jyotirlingani Sayam Prataha Pathennaraha ||
Sapta Janma Kritam Papam Smaranen Vinashyati ||

One who recites these 12 names regularly in the morning and evening he washes all the sins committed in the previous 7 births and attains all the powers and Siddhis.

This is obvious that a country like India that is packed with religious crowds and worshippers has innumerous holy abodes of Shiva. These devout shacks of the Hindu God, Shiva, are scattered across numerous corners of the country. However, the foremost powerful and sought after among them are these 7 of the twelve Jyotirlingas. A number of them are controversial, as the total goes up to fifteen or sixteen of them, but here we are with the most alluring seven.

Somnath Temple

Located within the Prabhas Kshetra in Saurashtra, the Somnath, is one amongst the twelve Jyotirlingam shrines of Shiva. Placed on the western coastal lines of India, Somnath, is claimed to be “the guardian of (the) Moon God”. The celebrated holy shrine of Somnath had been destroyed and remodeled six times. Therefore, it's popularly called “the Shrine eternal”. The illustrious Shiva abode was reconstructed and revamped last time throughout 1947 when Vallabhbhai Patel visited the sacred spot. K.M. Munshi, another Indian minister, continuing the method of reconstruction after the death of Vallabhbhai Patel.

Mahakaleshwar Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple of Mahakaleshwar, is located within the town of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. It’s splendidly stated to be one among the twelve Jyotirlingams that are thought of to be the most consecrated abodes of Shiva. The Shiva temple looks captivating because it is situated on the banks of the Rudra Sagar Lake. Stay in any of the hotels in Bhopal and join the religious crowds within the locality to understand the divinity, Shiva, as Swayambhu.

Omkareshwar Temple

The holy Shiva temple of Omkareshwar is another revered Jyotirlingam Shrine of Shiva. The foundation of the renowned Omkareshwar temple has been set on the Hindu-symbol shaped Island, known as Mandhata or Shivapuri. This island, snuggled within the water of the Narmada river, homes another temple besides Omkareshwar ("Lord of Omkaara or the Lord of the Om Sound"). The sacred Amareshwar ("Immortal lord" or "lord of the Immortals or Devas") temple, designed on a similar island, is another Shiva abode.

Kedarnath Temple

Located atop the Himalayan range, on the drawn-out land close to the Mandakini stream in Kedarnath, the holy Kedarnath temple is devoted to the immortal, Shiva and is one amongst the grand temples of India. Innumerous numbers of pilgrims need to access the temple however several are unable to access this holy premise because of the intense weather. The temple remains open for the devotees throughout April- Kartuk Purnima (The autumn full moon). Throughout winters the idol of the temple is brought all the way to Ukhimath. Devotees pay tribute to the god here for 6 months.

Bhimshankar Temple

It is the renowned source of the Bhima River which meets with the water stream of the Krishna River at Raichur. The Shiradhon Village, about 50 km away towards the North- West side of Khed, houses the holy Hindu pilgrimage point, Bhimshankar temple. Besides Bhimashankar temple, other famous temples of Maharashtra are Trimbakeshwara (Near Nashik) and Grishneshwar (Near Ellora). Stay back in any of the hotels in Pune and make this trip worth.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Every Hindu follower is anticipated to go to the holy temple of Varanasi. Religious people that visit Kashi Vishwanath temple scatter ashes of the deceased ancestors within the holy river Ganges. One of the twelve Jyotirlingams of India, the temple of Kashi Vishwanath, is found on the western banks of the river Ganges. The chief god who is residing on the holy throne is called as Vishwanath (The ruler of the Universe) within the proximity. The city, Kashi where the temple is really positioned, features a history of 3500 years. Because of the existence of the 15.5 meters high Golden tower, designed by maharajah Ranjit Singh, the ruler of Lahore, the consecrated Vishwanath temple is termed as the Golden temple. Any of the hotels in Varanasi near the ghats will be a good place to stay.

Trimbakeshwar Temple

The temple actually is located at the source of the revered Godavari River which is worshipped by large group of Hindu pilgrims in India. About 28 km away from the city of Nasik, the Trambakeshwar temple is a Hindu paradise in Trimbak of Nashik District. A number of banks of this river are considered sacred bathing places for the pilgrims. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, as many other holy pilgrimage points of India, Trambakeshwar is one of 12 sacred Jyotirlingams of Shiva.

Looking for a place where tranquillity is what you seek, and your mind is travelling there not just because you want to, but your heart feels like going there. In Hindu mythology, the mysticism Lord Shiva holds, is the most captivating and we are sure that these places will transcend you to that point spiritually.