Travel is the best teacher! Nothing beats the joy of travelling to your favourite places along with your children and learning about this big wide world. Not only is travelling to new places a rewarding experience but it nurtures in them the acceptance of various cultures across the land. If you are looking forward to spending your vacation at a place that is kid friendly, then our country is blessed with marvelous options. So let us dive in and check out some rejuvenating options to make this holiday for your children, a memorable one!

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1) Goa

Fun things to do in Goa with kids
G.O.A it is!!! This party destination is one place the kids will love, thanks to its magical and marvelous beaches and the bright sunny weather. The vibrant ambience and the “cool” culture make it a perfect family vacation destination. If splashing around water on the beaches,water sports or building sand castles does not excite the kids, there are plenty of other places and activities to engage in. Take them around to the flea markets. Shopping excites kids too!Let them enjoy the peace and serenity of the old rustic churches. Plenty of them in Goa! They would love to take a trip down the lanes of history, go touring the forts!Check out the waterfalls with them-nature’s glory at its best. Explore the wonders of wildlife at the national park or be amazed by the Naval Aviation Museum! Take a day to visit the enchanting temples in Goa. There is no dearth of exciting options to explore in this family friendly holiday destination. Book your tickets!NOW!

2) Agra

Fun things to do in Agra with kids
How can you be an Indian and not see the epitome of beauty and love,one of the wonders of the world, THE TAJ MAHAL?! Let your kids be intrigued by this marvel of mind boggling workmanship. Agra is a sneak peek into the chapters of history. A lover of history or not, Agra is a must see place for your child.Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s tomb,the Agra fort etc are some of the jaw dropping masterpieces from history whose memories your children will cherish life long. We are sure the whole family will have a ball here,in this city that displays sheer magic in its art,culture and architecture. Of course, treat your little ones to the Agre ka Petha,Chaats and lassis!

3) Gulmarg

Things to do in Gulmarg
Say “Snow” and watch your kids jump with joy in their hearts and excitement in their eyes. Away from the hustle and bustle of an ever throbbing urban life, Gulmarg is the place that promises out of the world skiing, snowboarding and trekking experience amidst the picturesque snow clad mountains and slopes! Since it is a popular destination for shooting Bollywood films, who never know your kids may get a chance to meet their favourite Bollywood star!Do not miss a joy ride in the world’s second highest cable car in our very own Gulmarg.Next time you plan a holiday, visit Gulmarg and give the children a chance to experience heaven on earth.

4) Jim Corbett National Park

A trip to Jim Corbett National Park
Nature is the best teacher.Make sure you take your children to this National Park at least once in a lifetime. One of the best National Parks in our country, this place houses the endangered White Bengal Tiger. It is also the home for innumerable species of other animals,birds,reptiles and trees. Come, fall in love with nature as you take the Jungle Safari. A picnic destination that gives so much of scope to learn about our fellow creatures on planet Earth should definitely be on your “must visit” list!

5) Jaipur

Fun things to do in Jaipur
How wonderful it would be to have our children experience the old world, royal charm and peace, away from the electrifying life that they live everyday. If you are looking for a fun filled and culturally fulfilling yet serene holiday experience then Jaipur is the place you should be visiting. This pink city is full of vibrance and beauty. You can never have a dull moment in this wonderland full of palaces! The magnificent royal palaces, the sturdy forts, the exciting elephant and camel rides, animal painting, the scrumptious food, the ethnic shopping, the breathtaking hills and lakes, all make Jaipur an unique and unparalleled holiday destination with your kids.


Fun things to do in Manali
Now THIS awe inspiring and overwhelming hill station is a must see along with your children! This holiday spot is guaranteed to leave the kids mesmerized and spellbound with its pristine rivers, the apple trees in their full bloom,the mighty snow clad mountains,multitude of adventurous activities, the woody forests and ancient temples.What more can you ask for? One has to see to believe the beauty this place beholds!Rejuvenation in the lap of nature, is what Manali can assure you of!

7)Andaman and Nicobar Islands-

Things to do at Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Adventurous water sports, thick lush green forests, incredible flora and fauna and sunny beaches with waters as clear as crystal make Andaman and Nicobar Islands a perfect holiday destination for children. They can see the exotic corals and marine life while they enjoy the class bottom boat ride. Snorkeling is an wonderful activity to do as you go island hopping! They are sure to fall in love with the tropical weather here as much as the adults will. Andaman sure is amazing!


Ooty photos
Ooty is the lifeline of tourism! Nilgiri toy train rides, boat rides in the Ooty lake,chocolates, and mountains... what else can perfect your vacation? You name it and Ooty has it. Ooty is also called the 'Land of India's Premium quality hand-made chocolates'. Let your little ones indulge in some sinful chocolate confectioneries in the midst of breathtaking nature’s views. After all childhood is all about having chocolates.


Sikkim photo gallery
Sikkim is spectacular! The smallest city in India, with the people having the largest of hearts! This place will be an unforgettable destination for the children.The majestic mountains, the mystic air, the challenging trekking paths, the orchid nurseries, the old monasteries,the glorious waterfalls,the breathtaking landscapes,the clear blue skies, fresh and pure air and... we can go on and on and on. To sum it all up Mother Nature has blessed Sikkim wholeheartedly! Let your kids enjoy a day or two in the lap of mother nature.

PS-Do not forget the Yak safari, cable car ride in Gangtok and river rafting on the Teesta River. Be a good adult, treat them to Momos!

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