A sun-soaked beach or snow cladded majestic mountains, every couple desires for a unique dream destination. Your choice of destination is determined by various factors like your and your partner's interests, duration of your vacation, your budget and the kind of experience you are seeking. Irrespective of your choices and priorities, you would definitely want to find some ways to fit in more excitement, relaxation, bonding and time with each other. After all that is what vacations are planned for!

A great vacation consists of several elements and while planning you need to think on all these fronts to have a good time. Accommodation is one such vital element of your travel that can make or break the experience. Having said that, you don’t have to fret about it or spend extravagantly to find a good hotel. There are tried and tested ways to find fabulous hotels for couples without having to drill a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for a cheat sheet to finding great hotel deals, you are in the right place.

We all know how to search for hotel rooms online and how to shortlist them. But hardly do we diligently search for some offers. What I am going to share are a few tips and tricks that will enable you get more out of your deal or to save a little extra without compromising on quality.

The essence is in the offers


Many of the hotels will be having one or the other kind of offer either on their websites or through their associate marketers. Early check in or late check out, combo offers, employee discount, partner brand discounts, travel collaborations and several other offers are a great way of getting that extra out of your deal. Always read between the lines and you will see them offering something. A call or a chat is all it takes to find out about these ad-on offers.

Be there before the peak season


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One of the tips most frequent travelers would give you is to plan your vacation just before the actual holiday season begins. The most sought after destinations are often less crowded during this time and the hotels lure you in with attractive deals. Rooms for unmarried couples and partners can be booked at a competitive price without lowering the excitement of the vacation. Don’t hesitate to ask if there is a discount when you dine in their in house restaurant. The extra care and attention from the hotel staff is of course always welcomed.

Check out the amenities that cost nothing


Gone are the days when you used to pay room rents just for a comfortable bed and an AC. As more and more facilities become common, the hotels are spreading out a whole bunch of amenities that are absolutely free. Be it a welcome drink or free WiFi, free call home facility, free room service from both the restaurant as well as the spa, a stocked mini bar, free laundry, spacious swimming pool and the list goes on. No matter what kind of hotel you select, they surely will offer at least some of these amenities. They are all yours to grab!

What’s complementary?


Now comes the part which will get you excited. Whether you book rooms for unmarried couples or along with your spouse don’t forget to take note of the hotel’s complimentary services. As these are provided over and above your actual room cost, each one of them is a good point of saving. Free shuttle services to pick and drop you at the airport, complimentary breakfast, free services at the gym or a special couple spa treatment can all enhance your vacation experience without costing you a penny. If there are some mesmerising places to visit around your location, you should most certainly opt for the tour that the hotel offers because of its quality.

Apps always have deals

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Your smartphone is one of the best ways to find some great hotel deals as you can easily access various travel related apps without a fuss. Data from various hotel websites will be available on our fingertips to choose from. We all know that there will be some discount when you book through apps but how about other deals? Apps collaborate with travel partners, hotels, restaurateurs and even various tourist attractions at a particular destination to bring you some cool deals that are like a cherry on your cake! Anything from free passes to a theatre show or museum to discounts in casinos, clubs, and other fun places will enhance the value of the room you book. Apps may also offer cash back or travel points when you book hotels for couples which can be redeemed on your next vacation.

Scout through the reviews of fellow travellers

Whether you visit a hotel website or a travel app, travelers will always be sharing reviews about their accommodation experiences. These can actually be a good source of information about the hotels for couples that you are considering to stay at and help you to pick out the best in the lot.

“Checkout their special fish thali”, “We got a free ride to the flea market”, “my son is so delighted to get a complimentary toy from the hotel”... several such genuine testimonies can give you a fair idea of the good experiences people have had. Similarly check the negative comments as well and see what things people found to be unpleasant.

There is no such thing as a perfect hotel deal. But there are always means and measures that you can adopt to get the best out of your deals and find the best couple friendly hotels. Security, privacy and accessibility are some of the vital parameters you should consider while booking a hotel room. All it takes is a little extra research while booking a vacation accommodation and you can pack a lot of free goodies, services and discounts within your vacation. As they say, it is the free bees that make your travel experience all the more memorable!