"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

The above statement is a very common saying. We have heard it so many times. We have used it multiple times in our defence as a child when our guardians would scold us for studying too less. Childhood games are childhood games. The very thought of the games make us nostalgic and the memories bring back memories. Well, no matter how terrible we were at the games we would definitely win gold had those been held at the Olympics. Let's take a trip down your memory lane and reminisce the childhood fun.

  1. Pitthoo:

Well, there is no exact English name for this authentic desi game. But, it can be called "Seven Stones". It is also popularly known as Lagori and saat patthar in various regions. It is played between two teams with equal number of players, generally 5. The simple game requires a large space, 7 flat stones and a softball. Generally, a tennis ball is preferred. So, the stones are piled upon one another in the centre of the field and the game begins. A thrower is selected from a team to throw the ball at the pile and break it. The thrower's team has to arrange the pile again before getting hit by the ball by the opponent team. The same procedure is repeated between the two teams over a specified time interval. The team which has managed to resurrect the pile the maximum number of times is declared the winner. There are a few more rules in the game and you would find them on the internet. While travelling, you can relax and unwind by playing in one of the hotels by the hour. If you are travelling in Delhi, you can play the game in the garden area of one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Aerocity or any other place.


2. Pakdam Pakdai:

The desi version of the game of tag. It is an highly energetic game which requires a lot of strength and agility. As the children strategically plan to run and hide to avoid getting caught, it can be a great game. Unwind in one of the hotels by the hour during your trip by playing the fun game with your family and friends. This is a great game to beat the travel blues. If you are on a family vacation to Delhi, do play this game with your family on the last day of the trip to end the vacation on a fun note. You can always play it in the garden of one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Dwarka or any other place that you are staying.

Pakdam Pakdai

3. Aankh Micholi:

The game is a favourite among children. The denner is blindfolded and confused in multiple ways. Then, the blindfolded person would have to locate the other players. After touching each player they would have to name the player correctly. If the denner manages to perform it correctly then the identified person becomes the denner. It is known by various names in different regions of the country. Though it is a great game, we would suggest you not to play it in an unknown place because unfamiliarity might lead to accidents. You can play any game during your Delhi vacation in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Connaught Place but avoid playing Aankh Micholi. You evidently do not want to get hurt and end your vacation on a sad note.

Aankh Micholi

4. Name Place Animal Thing:

Did we not spend a major part of our school breaks playing the classic game, "name place animal thing"? It was a great game to improve our general knowledge. Well, you can always play it today to brush up your knowledge. Travelling sure becomes exhausting. Exhaustion often takes a toll on our sleep. Consequently, it affects our energy and mood. In turn, it affects our entire vacation. If we feel low, we would not be able to enjoy the vacation and the beautiful tourist spots to the fullest. The entire vacation would be in vain. So, you can always play the game to relax and calm your nerves. All you need is a pen and paper for this game. So, during your Mumbai vacation, check into one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Bandra or any other place and unnerve yourself with the game.

Relax with pen and paper while playing the game

5. Flames:

As we entered secondary school, love and relationships were new found experiences. There was an innocent excitement associated with it. We all wondered the relationship with our friends and this game gained popularity. During every class break, you must have surely found a group of friends looking over at a paper where somebody is rapidly making the flame equations. You might feel that you are way too grown up to play it anymore. But, it can be a great game for a few fun moments with your friends. So, if you are on a trip to Kolkata, bond with your friends in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Alipore over a game of Flames.

A game of flames

6. Pen Fighting:

Yes, how can that classic game not be in this list. The minute the teacher left the classroom, off the students started playing pen fighting with the pens in hand. It is a unique game were carrom meets boxing. Yes, that sounds odd. But, the ultimate aim of the game was to knock the opponent's pen off the desk. We all have that friend who kept a special pen for the pen fighting matches. So, when you are on a trip to Delhi, pick up a pen fight in the hotel with your partner and share a light moment in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Karol Bagh or any other place you plan to stay.

An engaging game of pen fighting

We hope we took you on a trip down the memory lane and pray you enjoyed it. We also guess that you are already playing some of them. As you are trying to keep your children engaged during the lockdown period, you can teach them some of the games. Most importantly, enjoy your vacation.