Delhi is not just the political capital of India but a prospective food capital of India as well. The food in Delhi is considered a holy affair, let it be momos or Kebabs, good food is an identity of Delhi. For a similar reason, it is a go-to place for food bloggers, and many travels from far away and book hotels in Delhi or juggle between dayuse hotels to try out the scrumptious cuisine the city offers. One such quite popular food dish is the king of desserts, the Ice-cream. Many might be unaware, but Delhi has few of the best ice cream places in the country.

So if you love ice-cream, and happened to be in Delhi, give these 7 ice cream parlours a try

1. Niice Ice cream

Ice creams are nice, and Niice Crem wanted everyone to know that with their name. An ice cream that lets you have your ice cream in a burger, cream or shake, the ice parlour is your standard good ice cream parlour, but there is a twist. The ice creams at Niice Cream are nitrogen induced, this might seem fascinating to some and scary to few, a true ice cream lover doesn't discriminate. The nitrogen adds a bit of a tangy smoky flour to the taste of ice cream, and Niice cream also offers multiple add on options to make your ice cream tastier. So if you're staying over at a hotel in Connaught Place, and need a post-lunch brain freezer, you know where to go

2. Jaatre

Jaatre is the fresh breath of air that all ice cream lovers need in their life. Hoisting a list of scrumptious flavours with options between some classic like vanilla, chocolate pod to fresh fruit flavours like tender coconut and Ratnagiri mango. And the coolest part? they serve ice cream of coconut shells. The owner happens to be from Bangalore, and the south Indian roots show from the coconut shell to the beautiful aesthetic and decor in the store itself. The first visit to Jaatre will always be memorizing, and the authentic ice cream flavour won't let you forget the place.

3. Goosebumps

One is bound to get goosebumps upon seeing the choices they get when visiting this ice cream parlour in east Delhi. Goosebumps serves cold stone ice cream, whose preparations are always fascinating to watch, as the ice cream is moulded in marble stone. The ice cream parlour has a quite interesting kids concept will bring joy to all children, so do the innovative ice cream names. Apart from the innovative names, Goosebumps also has cool flavours like Dark Knight, a molten dark chocolate truffle doughnut served with vanilla ice cream and Willy Wonka,  two scoops of Chocolate ice cream mixed with chocos topped with chocolate sticks. The place is also quite pocket friendly, hence it is heavily loved by young people, and also some mocktails and selected food times like Pizza, burger and pasta which are equally tasty.

4. Giani's

Giani's has been serving people if Delhi happiness for more than 6 decades, when the founder Giani Gurcharan Sing, sweet maker started serving his famous rabri-faluda and mango shakes. After that Giani's never looked back, and have been serving ice-cream made with loving attention and dedication, with the best quality ingredients. Some highly recommended flavours would Punjabi Delight, Kuch Nahi Sunday, and roasted almonds. Currently, Giani's has more than 50 chains all over Delhi, so no matter where your hotel in Delhi, you'll find a Giani ice cream shop around the corner.

5. Haagen- Dazs

A world-renowned brand, Haagen- Dazs is synonymous with excellence in the world of ice cream. A luxurious choice of a feast, in every right that you won't regret. From the taste of the luscious ice-cream, the ambience itself, and the experience Haagen-Dazs delivers. The legendary brand claims it has been making ice cream like no other since 1960, and it truly is hard to disagree. When visiting Haagen-Dazs, even the simplest of flavours have scrumptiousness written over each bite. It's not really possible out single flavours of Haagen-Dazs as better than the others, but vanilla caramel brownie, summer blueberry cream and Belgian chocolate are a must-try.

6. Creme Borne

A funky dessert parlour in Connaught place, serving equally funky ice creams. It is hard to describe to Creme Borne's food without using the word crazy. Why you might ask? well mainly because of their wild presentation of food with surrealist undertones, and a cute ambience, which makes you want to come back for more. The eatery also allows you to add a lot of toppings to your ice cream, some might say too many, but don't listen to those haters. The eatery also happens to serve some amazing cheesy fries to balance the sweetness to the 20 toppings you ordered. If you're staying over at a hotel in Connaught place, this is your place to hang out, no questions asked.

7. Gelato Roma

An ice cream list is truly incomplete without a Gelato place, and Gelato Romas does this for this list. The ice cream parlour serves some authentic flavours and doesn't scam their customers with the fake Italian gelato branding. All the ingredients used are of high quality, and one can judge by trying their gelato once. The parlour has over a dozen flavours, most consisting of seasonal fruits, and fair price tag along with it. If you're staying over at a hotel near Hauz Khas, this is your place to have your favourite Italian dessert.

These were few of the many amazing ice cream parlours Delhi has to offer, with many more unmentioned ones. Ice cream truly one of the greatest creation of humankind, and the joy they bring is unmatched by anything else.

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