Shopping is a stress-buster. It is no doubt one of the best things to do that fills up one's senses with joy. When you are on a vacation in Kolkata, shopping can be a great way to make joyous memories in the City of Joy. Travelling is also a stress-buster. Thus, it is quite a double bonanza to go on a shopping spree during a vacation. Would you not love to buy famous local items to gift your family and friends and preserve as treasures at home. I am sure you would. So, if you are on a vacation in Kolkata, do shop at the following markets.

Shop till you drop
  1. Burra Bazaar:

The name of the market speaks for itself. This is the largest wholesale market in the city. Name a product or an item and you have it available. Like most markets in India, this is another congested market where everybody fights for every inch of space. The claustrophobic Satyanarayan AC Market is comparatively more comfortable than the shops and stalls in the narrow lanes. So, grab your bags and test your bargaining skills for an exclusively awesome deal. There are many restaurants in the market. They serve extremely delicious food. So, whenever you feel a bit fatigued or hungry, grab a bite and continue your shopping spree. After shopping to your heart's content retire in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Dum Dum.

Shop at Burra Bazaar

2. New Market:

Do you want to visit a market with colonial era architecture? You must visit New Market. With more than 2000 shops, the market is a treat for all shopaholics. The market also has an underground section. It is equally beautiful. In a very orderly manner similar shops are clustered together. You would also find some exotic things like rare cheese available here. All the items are extremely reasonable. But, you would still have to bargain for your best deal. Most importantly, do not forget to dig into the delectably delicious street food. You would muse about the experience after checking into one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Esplanade metro station to rest for the day.

New Market in Kolkata

3. College Street:

Are you a bibliophile? Then, you absolutely cannot afford to miss this market. It is a one-of-kind market dedicated entirely to books. Name any book and you would surely find it. Old books are sold along with new ones with similar elan. When you visit college street, you absolutely cannot miss dining in the historic Coffee House. The place has witnessed many revolutions and been home to a lot of revolutionary ideas. Many eminent personalities did visit the place on a regular basis during their hey days. From protest meets to elaborate discussions and meetings of authors, the coffee house has a significant place in the history and culture of the city. After racking through all the books, head straight to one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Bangabasi College to rest.

The 200 year old College Street

4. Chowringhee Lane:

Well, this is not a regular market. The pavements of Chowringhee Lane are full of artefacts made of terracotta. They are unique to the place and you would not find the like anywhere else. Do not miss out on visiting the lane and buying some pieces for your family and friends. While roaming about the city do stop by the lane to have a look at the marvellous items. After buying the desired items, retire in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in Alipore.

Terracotta Artefacts in Chowringhee Lane

5. Gariahat Market:

One of the most famous food items of Kolkata is the Kolkata Kanthi Roll, the Indian version of the global wrap. Egg Roll, Chicken Roll, Mutton Roll, Fish Roll, Vegetable Roll, Paneer Roll and all types of permutations and combinations of the ingredients are available. There are many more innovative varieties of the quintessential rolls or wraps. Grab your favourite type of the roll from Bedouin and explore the market to find your choice. The market is the perfect mix of large organised shops and road-side hawkers. You are spoilt for choice with the perfect range from branded shoes to local flip-flops. You would get a similar range in almost every required item. It is no doubt a great place to buy jewelries and clothes. It is also famous for electronics. Savour delicious food and shop to your heart's content. At the end of a fun-filled day, rest in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Kalighat.

Gariahat Market

6. Hatibagan Market:

The market was traditionally set up to sell birds and animals. This was the ultimate market for the pet-lovers. After a devastating fire in 2012, the market lost many shops. Currently, it is a great place for silk and cotton sarees. The market faced another massive fire in 2015 which destroyed it even further. The market is still spread over a vast area and would awaken your inner shopaholic self as you would explore it. Grab a bite here and there and dine at an authentic Bengali restaurant in the area. At the end of a long day, rest in one of the hourly couple friendly hotels near Shyambazar.

A pet shop in Hatibagan

7. Chandni Chowk Market:

Yes, the City of Joy has its very own Chandni Chowk market. This market is famous for electronic products. You would also find innovative gadgets developed by locals. These gadgets are not branded and might not last very long. You would also find duplicate copies of branded products as well. The durability of the products can range from a few days to ages. Nevertheless, if you can choose smartly and bargain effectively, the products might be great buys. After buying all that you want, take a metro and head to one of the hourly couple friendly hotels in BBD Bagh to rest for the day.

Visit the Chandni Chowk Market to buy gadgets and accessories 

Like every other city, shopping malls are gaining prominence in the shopping habits and styles of people in Kolkata. There are many marvellous shopping complexes where you would find everything you require. So, plan your vacation and carry extra bags to shop in Kolkata. The best time to visit Kolkata is during the Durga Puja. Plan your vacation during the time to enjoy all the pomp and extravaganza.