“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before”- Albert Einstein

How to go about a long break from work? How to mend a broken heart? How to go for self-retrospection? The answer lies in Travelling. Traveling is the most self-liberating, soul-touching activity to find yourself. And if done solo, it is just like icing on a cake. The world has seen the intellectual and creative capabilities of women. They are the torchbearers of civilization. The women empowerment campaign is at the forefront. But, when the matter of solo traveling comes, women are still at the backseat. Yes, traveling in the all-girls group has been a trendsetter, but every woman should do a solo trip once in a while to gather unique experiences of life. Solo traveling does not mean traveling for business to a nearby city or attending a conference at a hotel in Delhi or hotel in Mumbai. It signifies a trip of a lifetime to gather experiences that you can never forget. To all beautiful women out there, if you want to know the answer to why you should do that long-awaited solo trip, here are your answers.

1-Planning leads to better Decision-making skills

Planning being the inception of any trip, it is extremely crucial to plan judiciously a good safety trip ahead. It includes getting those 10 days holiday approval from the office to booking hotels at low prices. Safety is one of the big issues due to which women do not opt for solo traveling. There are many destinations which are considered safe for solo female travellers. In this century, nothing is impossible if done with some proper planning and judicious decision making. Staying at a hotel in an hourly basis at that perfect holiday destination won’t be a dream anymore. This experience will enhance your decision-making skills and will increase the pool of your experiences.

2-Freedom to visit places which are liberating

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Solo traveling sets you, soul, on fire. You are not dependent on your partner or family members on deciding to visit a particular place. You can eat and drink as you wish. You can visit anywhere anytime, the way you like. Nothing and nobody can stop you except you.

3-Eat on your own choice

Do you remember that one time, where you were about to dig into that big piece of buttery chocolate cake and your partner stared at you with a gesture of “you will gain 10 pounds”? Well, having a balanced diet is surely a way of life but traveling and dieting do not go hand in hand. Solo traveling gives you the liberty of trying out regional cuisines and exotic dishes. Try out that tangy and spicy “panipuri” around the street near your hotel at Kolkata and nobody will be there to judge you. Guiltlessly dive into all the sweet delicacies of the city and be a secret food expert.

4-Be responsible for your safety which will develop maturity

Women, in general, are always dependent upon their loved ones for safety. But, it’s high time they should learn to make informed decisions regarding their own safety. While planning the trip, before doing any overeating at unhygienic places, women should realize how much safety is important for them. This maturity comes when you start traveling alone. Booking rooms at a friendly and safe hotel demands a sense of responsibility and maturity.

5-Meeting new people

“Travelling solo does not always mean you are alone. Most often, you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime.”- Jacqueline Boone

Meeting new people on your solo trip is one of the highlights. When a woman travels alone, many people come forward to help her at times. You get to make new friends on the way. You will be surprised to know there are many solo travelers like you who are in a hunt to find themselves just like you. You never know, you can even meet your soulmate this way.

6-Carving your destiny.

Solo traveling is a perfect plan to do that adventure which you were longing. Through this, you will dip into a pool of life-changing experiences. Whether it is the flight travel or stay at a hotel, trying out unique cuisines or jumping off the cliff for bungee jumping. Everything will show you a new world through which you can carve your destiny.

7-Taking proper financial decisions

While traveling alone, you can experiment with the tariffs of flights, hotels, restaurants, or any other booking. But this you can have an idea about the costs. Hence, the next time you travel with your family for a vacation, you can book that low priced friendly hotel that has served your purpose quite well. There are hotels who offer hotel rooms by hours. This will help you to save a lot of money.

8-No persuading friends or family members to go for that trip

When was the last time, you wanted to go out on a trip to your favorite city but canceled the plan because you could not persuade your partner? A vacation with your loved ones requires a lot of persuasions, a hang of their schedule, their diet plan, their comfort, etc. But when you travel solo, you save yourselves the pain of doing all these and just simply concentrate on your schedule. The only person that needs persuasion and motivation is YOU.

9-Time with yourself to retrospect

“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.”- Barbara De Angelis

During this solo trip yours, you will get an ample amount of time, time to think about the past, analyze the present, and plan the future. It can mend a broken heart. It can pull you out of depression. It can do wonders which no medicines can do. Time with yourself is much needed to do some serious thinking without any external influence or disturbance.

10-A sense of achievement and boost in confidence

With all the above things, at the end of a successful solo trip, a woman goes through a life-changing experience. They get a sense of achievement for being responsibly planned and executed it. This might give a huge boost to their confidence.

Traveling with your loved ones is indeed fun, but there is different kind of rush in traveling solo. Every woman out there should venture into this paradise once in a while. Carry your bag and passport, schedule a flight ticket, book a hotel room on hourly basis and you are good to go.