"People don't take trips; Trips take people"

That's right! A trip will take us to places we have not seen, make us meet people we don't know, tickle our taste buds like never before and set us off on unknown lanes where we collect beautiful memories.

When it comes to taking a holiday, different people have different preferences. Some like the quiet getaways and some like the noisy group vacations. Few travelers are adventurous types and many others like sightseeing. Holidays vary in their themes, lengths, the type of destination and and of course the budget. Each one of them have their own charm and revitalise our spirits it their own special way.

Essentially any kind of holiday is meant to get us out of mundane routine and pump energy, excitement and thrill in our lives. No matter what your lifestyle is or how busy your daily life is, one should take a break once in a while. Beautiful places, good company, good food, various cultures and activities help you get back to everyday activities with a renewed freshness.

One of the more adventurous type of travel is of course the Road Trip. It is definitely for those who relish the journey more than the destination. Indian subcontinent is loaded with places, people and cultures that are an absolute treat for travelers. Why go to one place when you can visit a whole series of them in one trip! When you club some awesome destinations along with an exciting road trip, you get the best of both worlds.

Now who can you travel with? Well, anyone you like. Hit the road on a bike with your girlfriend or spouse to have a romantic road trip. Your best friends make great companions too. Pack car trunk with some necessary stuff and take your family or parents or siblings on a road trip that strengthens family bond.

A road trip may require you to do some major planning regarding the map, a timesheet, stop points and the activities to do. Apart from this, try to be as unprepared as possible to enjoy what the road has to offer. You also need to stick to the budget as there will be expenses all along the way. Whether you are traveling as a couple or in a group, just type hourly hotel near me on Google and you will find the the best options for yourself. Here is why you should consider hourly hotels over expensive hotels.

1. Pay on hourly basis

The concept of hourly hotel came into existence to cater to people who need a hotel room for a few hours. Backpackers and road travellers can make great use of hourly basis hotels to either stay overnight or just for a few hours while in the middle of their journey. Pay for just the number of hours that you stay and still enjoy a good stay. When you are on the road, at the end of the day, you truly wish for a good night’s rest and hourly hotels offer this as at low price.

2. The right option when you need to relax for a while


While on the road, it is not only night stay but sometimes even during the day also you need to take a break from the scorching sun. Well why not search Hourly hotel near me on Google and relax the worries away. Be it for a quick nap after a good meal or to nourish your kids or to allow your parents to lie down or just to take a bath and grab a quick meal… no matter what your requirements are, you can now book a hotel room on hourly basis. Such a short relaxing break will keep the spirit of your road trip high. Nowadays many of the hotels dont mind offering hotel rooms for a few hours They believe its better rather than keeping them empty during off season.

3. Budget friendly

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Road trips always have planned and unplanned expenses. Maintenance of your vehicle, food and medical emergencies will require you to always have money in hand. You really don’t want to spend a lot of your hotel booking especially if you are not going to stay there for a whole day. The best alternative is to book hourly hotels or bath and breakfast hotels. They offer a comfortable stay without drilling a hole in your pocket. All the major cities across India have now started offering hourly stays. As you would be staying at different places throughout the road trip, mark these budget friendly hotels and make it a point to stay there.

4. All the facilities of a regular hotel

When we say a good hotel room, it is supposed to have a comfortable bed, a clean and tidy washroom and good ventilation. Hourly basis hotels will also offer all these facilities at a reasonable price. Even if you stay for a few hours, you can still enjoy them all. Several places offer free WiFi allowing you to check your mails and surf the net for local information. If you see your hourly hotel offering a quick spa treatment or a dip in the swimming pool, don’t forget to take it up. All these make hourly hotels a good deal.

5. Complementary services

For night stays you should opt for bath and breakfast hotels as all your morning requirements are addressed in one package. Get a good night rest, take a refreshing bath and enjoy some complimentary breakfast before hitting the road again. Generally they offer some standard and local breakfast items all of which are highly nourishing.

So this summer plan to go on a road trip with the company you love. Set aside all your prejudices and embrace everything that the road has to offer with an open mind. At the end of the trip you not only would have visited many places and enjoyed varied dishes but more essentially you learn to appreciate the beauty of life in a deeper way.