Dessert is the highlight of every meal. Even after a heavy lunch or dinner there is always room for dessert. Are you craving something sweet or getting hunger pangs? These 10 cafes in Bandra understand the assignment and are ready to serve you. From old-school restaurants to modern quirky hangouts Bandra has everything. Since there are so many places to choose, we have shortlisted the top cafeterias that are worth your salt. If you plan to visit Mumbai book hourly hotels in Mumbai or dayuse hotels in Mumbai to go on a dessert spree whenever you wish.

1. Candies

When you talk about Bandra, Candies comes up without a second thought! The place is always swarming with people, and you will never have a dull moment here. Although it is always crowded there is no dearth of space. They have a cosy outdoor seating as well as spacious indoor seating that goes up to one level. The room of lamps on the second level is a stunning addition to the place. The portions are generous and staff friendly with a self-service environment. Just like its pleasing ambience the place also serves some amazing food. The creamy mini-Lemon tart is a must try, a delicious bite- sized dessert that you might end up eating at least 10. If you prefer your tarts bigger, don’t fret, they do come in a larger size. Book hotels for a few hours in Mumbai to visit this lovely café.


2. The Nutcracker

The lively café has a compact yet comfortable design. The plating and taste of the food will leave you wanting more. Chat with your partner while enjoying the seven-layer cookie. A round gooey biscuit with layers of pure bliss. The café has a romantic aura to it and is the perfect place to plan a date. Planning a trip to Mumbai with your better half, book couple friendly hotels in Mumbai. In desserts try the pecan pie and Nutella waffle. Whereas for small bites devour the mac and cheese and black bean burger.

3. Poetry by love and cheesecake

The place has a décor that screams elegant, quintessential and welcoming. As soon as you enter the place you will get soothing and mellow vibes. It is the ideal place to have deep conversations with a loved one while enjoying the sumptuous food. Not to brag, but the place serves the most delicious red velvet cheesecake. It is the right amount of creamy and crumbly. The café caters to both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians with its yummy appetizers and rolls like magic mushrooms, fish and chips, paneer chilli, chicken chilli. Take a brief stop to the café with your partner while travelling to Mumbai by booking hotels for unmarried couples in Mumbai.


4. Birdsong- The Organic Café

This café will remind of the colonial era with its vintage windows, brick textured walls, low hanging lamps and rustic aura. If you are health conscious this is the right place for you. They offer some mouth-watering vegan and gluten free desserts like cranberry chocolate cookie, apple crumble, walnut brownie and gooey chocolate cake. The place recently witnessed an explosion in customers owing to their exceptional service. If you physically can’t go to the café, they also deliver to hourly hotels in Mumbai.


5. Coffee by Di Bella

Located at turner road this café will give you a feel of calm amidst chaos. The chic café is popular among youngsters and college students to grab a bite or to sit and chit-chat. The staff provides high-quality service and work with determination to deliver the cafes motto, “the ultimate coffee experience”. A paradise for every person with a sweet tooth serving kit kat and gems waffle that might take you back to your childhood days. The endless varieties of waffles, banana walnut muffin, chocolate walnut brownie and baked cheesecake are only a few items from the menu you should definitely try. Enjoy these delicacies in the spacious indoor seating or lively outdoor area. You can also get the leftovers packed to eat at dayuse rooms in Mumbai.


6. Bastian

Famous for its cheesecakes, the Bastian is located in Linking Road, Bandra west. From a dozen of cheesecakes to choose from the Turtle is our top pick. A skilfully baked dessert with layers of rich chocolate shortbread crust filled in between with caramel, peanuts and chocolate ganache It’s okay you can order 3-4 servings no one will judge you! There are chances of bumping into a celebrity at this posh café so make sure to wipe off the crumbs from your face before posing for a picture. The café also has outlets in Worli where there are many hourly hotels in Mumbai.


7. Kitchen Garden by Suzette

A healthy and sweet option to satisfy your cravings. This is another café famous among the celebs and you might spot one savoring the apple raspberry crumble or walnut and Buckwheat cake. If you think nutritious things cannot be yummy, try the Chia seed and coconut Parfait at the Kitchen Garden by Suzette. It is a brilliant mix of chia seeds and coconut milk grazed with passion fruit compote, roasted coconut shavings and organic cocoa dust. For a crisp treat, carry the Kitchen Garden Granola to your hourly hotels in Mumbai.

source-Mumbai alive

8. Daniel Patissier

We all have been victims to the lockdown trends and one of our mistakes was trying to bake the infamous fluffy Japanese cheesecake. Something nearly impossible unless you are a professional. If you fell prey to the same blunder and ended up burning down the house time to head to the Daniel Patissier. They serve one of the most soft, light decadent and cloudy delicacy that will literally disappear as soon as you put it in your mouth. Apart from the also gobble on the tasty cake pops and cookies.

9. Chocolateria San Churro

Obvious from the name the place fries some of the crispiest and drool-worthy churros in town. There is nothing you can’t love about these long crunchy sugar-coated sticks. The Churros Puco come with three in a plate and a dip of your choice, we vote for milk chocolate!


10. Copetto Artisan Gelato

I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream. While talking about desserts, forgetting ice cream is bigger than committing a sin. Gelato has outlets all over the world and hands out some drool worthy cones. Our favorite is the Vanilla and Sour Cherry which is the perfect amalgamation of sweet and sour. If you don’t live in Mumbai, don’t worry gelato has branches in Delhi and other cities where you can easily find hourly hotels in Delhi or dayuse hotels in Delhi.

So don’t wait, head out to these amazing cafés serving desserts perfect to squeeze in after a fulfilling meal or just hog on sweets to your heart’s content. Entertaining the thought of visiting Mumbai to try out these benevolent delicacies, reserve an hourly hotel in Mumbai for an affordable yet fanciful treat.