First dates are all about knowing each other, building a rapport and making a good first impression. You might wear the trendiest clothes, use the best perfume and flex the latest iPhone, but if the date plan is not amusing and unique, it will leave the person in second thoughts.

Sometimes it is hard to decide what to do and where to go, especially when you are shy or an introvert. It also gets difficult to come up with conversation topics whilst all the excitement and fear. So, instead of the same old candlelight dinners, we have a list of first-date ideas that will bag you a second one. Each recommendation helps you understand a distinct characteristic of your date’s personality. Don’t be like Shah Rukh Khan and confess your love to your future partner with these 10 creative date ideas because Kal Ho Naa Ho-

1. Go for a walk

The best conversations happen when you are walking. Meet at a park and enjoy the pleasant environment while discussing life. You can also hold your partner’s hand, provided they are okay with it. Grab a coffee or sandwich during your little stroll. Learn a thing or two about your date's interest in case they suggest taking a quick stop at a bookstore or movie theatre.

Mumbai’s Marine drive is the most popular spot among lovers to spend time with many couple friendly hotels in Mumbai nearby if you live in Mumbai or are planning to visit the city to meet your long-distance partner book couple friendly hotels in Mumbai to get romantic without any inconvenience.


2. Attend an art class

If your date enjoys creating art, this is the perfect option for you. An easy way to find out about your lover's interests is through their social media accounts. You don’t have to be a professional artist to have fun at drawing, painting, pottery or origami. Moreover, you may find out how they react in critical situations or how seriously they handle things. When you are okay with being imperfect around someone, you develop a real authentic connection. When travelling to Mumbai, explore these fun activities with your date stay in hourly hotels in Mumbai or dayuse hotels in Mumbai.

3. Attend a comedy stand up

This is a light and fun date idea where you can know if you and your love interest share the same sense of humor. Since you might not get a lot of time to talk during the show book hourly hotels in Delhi or affordable couple friendly hotels in Delhi or desired city to continue the flirty banter and discuss the performance. Laughter will help you loosen up and soothe your nerves making the conversation flow freely and smoothly.

Whether you decide to explore an exhibit on ancient Indian sculptures or contemporary arts, planning a date in an art museum will give you plenty to talk about. You can have detailed conversations, learn new things, educate each other and the best part, click some memorable pictures. This date will also give you a chance to understand your partner's personality. Several historical museums stand tall in the streets of Mumbai, and you can book hotels for a few hours in Mumbai to visit them.

5. Sign up for a yoga class

Yoga can rush in feelings of relaxation and peace and help peel off walls of guardedness that otherwise would take a lot of time to disappear. During the class, you might not get much time to interact, reflect on the experience over a cup of coffee after. There are plenty of cafes in the city of dreams where you can find couple friendly hotels in Mumbai to spend a romantic time with your date.

6. Take a cooking class together

Cooking a dish together might give you an idea about the future of your relationship and whether you and your date are compatible. You might discover new things about their temperament. For example, do they take instructions well? Are they perfectionists, good team players or creative? Do they work well under pressure? A cooking class might also help you learn about their favorite dishes and cuisines, giving you an idea of what to cook for your next lunch date.

7. Go for a relaxing spa

After working daily from 9-5, who doesn’t crave a tranquillizing massage? If your future partner is a workaholic and most of their job involves sitting static for hours on end, this will be their best meet-up till date. Although communicating will not be possible during the manoeuvre, book dayuse rooms in Pune or other cities where spa services are available, and you can sit and chat later in the suite.

8. Plan a romantic movie night

There are two ways to do it, either at your home if you live alone or your family is supportive. The other option is by reserving hotels for a few hours in Pune or the town you reside, where there will be zero disturbance, and you can carry out the plan in peace and quiet. Don’t forget to ask your date if they are comfortable with the idea. Order room service and munch on a large pizza while watching your favourite movie. Later you can sit and converse about the film's storyline, actors, morals, and songs and take the conversation further. Vacate the room anytime you like taking advantage of the flexible check-out offered by hourly hotels in Pune.


9. Play some indoor games

Since bringing a first date to your house can be a little risky, organize a board or card game spree at hourly hotels in Chennai or in whichever city you dwell. Challenge your date to a game of scrabble, monopoly, business or Uno. These are evergreen pastimes that your date will surely know how to play. You can also mutually decide on the games. Time will pass quickly playing, laughing and fooling around. Learn a few things about your crush, whether they are sour losers or competitive or easy-go players that focus more on enjoyment than winning.

10. Attend a concert

According to a survey conducted in 2019, 81% of people who went to a live music event on their first date followed up with a second one. So don’t wait for long and secure the bag. Plus, couples who vibe on the same music have better communication and emotional connection. This is your chance to source more information about your date’s music preferences and spend some delightful time together.