A feature of your reels with your partner on the explore page of Instagram! Isn't a 'dream come true moment' for couples! You can achieve this by staying at a couple friendly hotels in Mumbai and creating IG reels. Attractive Instagram reels can keep your Instagram game strong and people eye-rolling. Instead of travelling to places to create couple reels, you can enjoy budget-friendly deals, take short videos and enjoy romanticizing with your partner at couple-friendly hotels.

Capturing creative couple reels at couple friendly hotels in Mumbai. Image credits: Freepik

Why are couple-friendly hotels in India a great pick to make your Instagram reels?

The world is digital, and as couples, you make memories together. Instagram helps you make reels and go live and record your memories. Explore the Insta-worthy couple friendly hotels in Noida and share your couple reels that are a rage on Instagram currently. Let us look at why and how couple-friendly hotels in India can be a beautiful destination for your Instagram reels.

  • Aesthetics

The lighting, ambience, sea-side pool or a sea-view balcony, you name it, and you can experience it at Couple friendly hotels in Hyderabad. The swaying tree leaves by the window pane, a vintage charm on the inside adorned with lights, and a beautiful ambience makes Dayuse rooms in Hyderabad a perfect landscape for your IG reels. Even without photography skills, with an aesthetic background, your couple's reels can be flawless. Moreover, you can get creative with the things in your room and make unique Instagram reels. The restaurants that are part of couple-friendly hotels enhance the aesthetic appeal of food by embellishing your food and drink, a perfect stance for your food reels.

  • Privacy

You can make single Instagram reels anywhere, but you need privacy when creating Insta reels with your partner. Unlike other hotels that stare at and humiliate you for the public hugs, cuddles and smooches, Couple friendly hotels in Delhi give your free space to make intimate Instagram reels. You and your partner, irrespective of whether married/unmarried, can create and post Instagram reels aiming to be on the feature page of Instagram. Couple-friendly hotels respect your privacy, prevent unnecessary intrusion, and are the best gateway together as a couple. No doubt you can escape the constant judgement and prying behavior's of hotel staff and the public. Next time you travel as a couple, consider staying at a couple-friendly hotel to enjoy a private atmosphere to create your Instagram reels and boost your likes.

  • Serenity

Serenity is quintessential to making videos, editing and posting on your Instagram page. A room with silence gives you time to think and patience to create/delete multiple videos just the way you want on your Instagram feed. You can relax in the Day Use rooms in Pune, think creatively, process your emotions, and create reels with immense clarity without any stress. Unlike other hotels, you will not have any external disturbance from noisy families, overcrowded dining, kids playing sounds, or loud music/DJ that potentially harms creating your IG reels. You can walk in and out of your room with calmness, and mindfulness, stimulate creativity and create Insta reels with your partner.

  • Romantic Vibe

The romantic vibe and picturesque setting at Couple friendly hotels in Bangalore are the perfect places for quick reels which can get you tons of likes. Couple-friendly hotels provide couple-specific amenities like large-size beds, carpeted floors, candle-light dinners, a spacious wardrobe, decorated bathtubs, lowlights, honeymoon suits with couple-specific decorations, gourmet meal servings, luxury romantic dinners, etc. You can shoot your favorite videos using the couple-specific amenities and blow up your Instagram likes. Even a reel with a bathrobe and decorated bathtub (with florals) can create a romantic vibe, and you can make romantic reels and get tons of likes.

A romantic vibe by the pool at couple friendly hotels in Mumbai. Image credits: Adobe Stock
  • Budget-friendly option

Many couples travel worldwide to capture nature's beauty and create stunning reels. But not all have a pocket-friendly job to support travel expenses every time they decide to record breathtaking IG reels. Couple-friendly hotels are a savior that offers gorgeous backgrounds and eye-soothing backdrops perfect for making sensational IG reels. You can book hotels you can afford to pay for specific hours and create great IG reels for your IG profile.

  • A memoir to cherish

You can thoroughly enjoy and have a memorable experience with the Day use rooms in Kolkata. More than the likes on Instagram, it's the personal memory you want to cherish for a lifetime with reels and day-use rooms that can help you with that. Moreover, the eye-catching artwork in public spaces and guest rooms, in-room cocktail stations, shower fridge, and arcade games can deliver a memorable experience and strengthen your relationship. You can enjoy yourself with your partner, take a busy-day off, spend quality time together and have fun creating breathtaking Instagram reels.

Couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai

Book the below couple-friendly hotels in Mumbai to create nostalgia and vibrant IG reels at your budget.

  • Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport
  • Ramee Guestline Hotel Juhu
  • Beacon T2 Hotel
  • Hotel Starwood Residency
  • The Oriental Residency
  • Oriental Aster
  • Sahar Garden
  • Sky Palace
  • Mumbai House Luxury Apartment
  • Hotel Blue Orchid
  • ZipStay Neptune
  • Hotel hometown
  • Mantra Residency
  • Royce Executive Kurla
  • Hotel Annex Executive

List of Day use rooms in Mumbai to create spectacular reels in the daytime!

  • Hotel Asian Residency
  • Hotel Comfort stay
  • Hotel Pearl Residency
  • Hotel Asalpha
  • Hotel Royal Orbit
  • ZipStay Neptune Residency
  • Hotel Sea Side
  • Hotel A.S.Suite
  • Hotel Right Choice Inn
  • Hotel Tanay Lodging and boarding
  • Hotel Hari Hara Residency
  • Hotel Icon Sakinaka
  • Hotel Avenue residency Andheri East
  • Hotel Nirmal Lodging and boarding
  • Hotel Kunal Palace

Tips to create IG reels that can skyrocket your likes!

IGTV combats YouTube and allows users to create and post episode-length videos and publish 24-hour. Now, Instagram has added Reels to provide short and impulsive content that can attract audiences. Take a look at the below tips and boost your engagement.

  • Create unique and original content with a slight spin on the perspective. You may want to try out the popular couple reels with your partner, but topping the existing idea with a twist can create fresh and engaging content.
  • Make your caption scintillating and engaging, complying with your couple's goals. Just like the camera setting hacks, romantic locations and captions can awe the audience and make them click the like button. You can also try including on-screen text to keep the watchers in line with your idea.
  • Add a CTA and drive your audience to view other reels on your profile page using a verbal call-out or on-screen text replacement.
  • If you make your reels in your native language, don't forget to add subtitles using Instagram's closed caption sticker.
  • Remember to hop on a trend, be it a popular romantic hit, trending hashtag, audio clip or dance trend, and try it with your partner to fit in with the rest of your content.


Couple-friendly hotels are a beautiful place to make Instagram reels, create lasting impressions and enjoy with your partner. Book hotels by the hour, utilise the picturesque sceneries, experience the romantic aura and create artistic IG reels with your partner at MiStay. Enjoy a budget-friendly experience and pay-at-hotel options, and create impeccable Instagram-worthy captures with MiStay.