“Life is short. You might as well live it with really great hair.”

Long, thick, healthy locks of hair are always a delight to have. Yes, it is indeed true that real beauty is much more than the tangible parts on your body, it is rather skin deep, but since you posses them, you should be taking good care of them. Neglecting them will do no good. When you travel, your hair comes across many unfavorable elements like pollution, moisture, mist, change in temperature, low oxygen, strong sunlight, and chemicals. It needs even more care then. When you go on a honeymoon with your partner and stay at a couple friendly hotels, you surely do not want to wake up with a messy unaesthetic bunch of hair. Not taking proper care will end up damaging your hair resulting to split ends and hair fall. Though, these couple-friendly hotels provide hair care services but keeping a list of hair care hacks when you travel will give your hair the well-deserved care. This applies to both genders. Here are some of the hacks that you can stick to while you are on a trip.

1-Hair spa before the trip

Make sure to go for a nice organic hair spa before you start with your trip. This will add the required moisture and nutrients to your fall eventually making it smooth and manageable. It will also protect your hair from getting damaged by pollution. In case, you do not get time to go for a hair spa before the trip, you can always look for the same at the hotel nearby.

2-Regularly oil your hair

Oiling your hair regularly can be boon for your hair. Many kinds of oils can be used like coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, other oils containing vitamin E. It will make your hair smooth, shiny, and soft. It also provides the necessary nourishment and nutrients to the hair. You can carry these oils in small plastic bottles' safety in your essentials pouch. You can also carry sachets of jojoba oil enriched with vitamin E. You can do a nice oil massage on your Hair before sleep. Do not forget to carry a head cover with you.

3-Wash your hair and dry it nicely before you go anywhere

After oiling your hair, it is a must to wash your hair with a delicate shampoo followed by a conditioner. Going out with oil in your hair will attract more dust and pollution. After washing it thoroughly, make sure to dry your hair and comb it nicely.

4-Keep your hair tied up nicely

A train or a car ride will eventually make your hair a big mess. Make sure you tie your hair to a big messy and trendy bun, preferably a top knot to make it manageable. A top knot will increase your fashion quotient. That will attract many eyes at a breakfast buffet in a hotel nearby

5-Use serum after washing

On some occasions, if you decide on letting your hair open, then make sure to use a sufficient amount of serum or hair lotion to keep it smooth and manageable. Men can always carry their tub of hair gel with them to have a clean look.

6-Keep a bottle of dry shampoo handy

All the hotels provide the daily hair care essentials when you check-in including shampoo, conditioner, hair lotion/oil, and a hairdryer. But keeping a small bottle/sachet of shampoo is always a very smart idea. Also, keep a bottle of dry shampoo with you for any emergencies.

7-Extra care during beach visits

Whenever you are visiting a beach and plan for some water-sports, make sure to take extra care for your hair. The chlorine and salt in the ocean water, the sand, the heat, and the moisture in the environment damages the hair to the extreme. For instance, if you are holidaying at a couple friendly hotel at Mumbai with your partner and spend a lot of time near the beach, then your hair tend to get damaged due to moisture. Make sure to apply an ample amount of oil/serum to your hair before you decide to take a plunge on the water. This will minimize the effect of chlorine/salt on your hair. Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly after you return from the beach.

8-Wear a hat/cap while going outdoors

Harsh sunlight is one of the prime enemies of hair. The harmful rays reduce the moisture making it dry and lifeless. Make it a habit to wear a nice hat or cap if you plan on going out during the daytime under the hot sun.

9-Avoid chemicals

Whenever we travel, we get so engrossed with the fun and frolic that we tend to overlook what all products we are buying and using on our hair. Avoid doing this. Make sure to use only good products that suit for hair type. Stay away from doing any experiments which has the potential to permanently damage your hair.

10-Drink water and eat healthily

Besides all the above external hair care, we also need to focus on doing some internal care to make it healthy. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water while you travel. Indulge in healthy eating. If you are on a trip for a long period, make sure to book hotels on an hourly basis in between and complete your sleep. A night of good sleep is as much as important to hair like food to the body.

The long-awaited vacation is over, that business trip did right, conference over, the honeymoon did right and now back to the roots. The first thing to do after unpacking is to go for a nice hair spa. This will replenish all the lost nutrients and will give a new life to your hair.

“If your hair is done properly and you have good shoes, you can get away with anything.”- Iris Apfel.

These are a few tips to manage and keep your hair healthy while you travel. Healthy hair means a healthy mind and a healthy body. A good hair day distresses you like anything.