There will come a time when you are ready to take the next step in your relationship. No, we are not talking about moving in together or tying the knot. It is about travelling together! You might finally get to spend a week or two with them, and their true colours will be on display. You may learn your partner's real nature, whether they are organized or lazy, early birds or night owls, bossy or understanding.

Travelling together may give rise to situations that you might have not faced before. These experiences will test you both. If handled properly will make your love stronger. However, if done wrong, it can turn out to be a total disaster. So before planning your adventure, make sure you don’t make these 7 mistakes to finish the romantic getaway exactly as you want-

1. Budget

The most crucial step in planning a vacation is drafting a budget, and if you skip this step, it can totally ruin your trip. Note down how much you both are willing to spend on accommodation, food, transport and shopping. Make all decisions mutually. Pre-decide how much you both will be chipping and spending so that the whole burden of the endeavour is not on one person’s shoulders. This could get frustrating and might kill the romance. You can do it this way if one person pays for food, the other pays for accommodation, and so on, or equally divide the entire expense. Don’t worry if you have a small budget and big plans, book hourly hotels in Mumbai or hourly hotels in Pune or your desired destination for an affordable stay.


2. Accommodation

If you are travelling with your soulmate, a favour that you could do for yourself is book hotels for unmarried couples in Mumbai or the city that you plan to tour. Couple friendly hotels in Mumbai give you a chance to get romantic without any disturbance making the trip even more happening. Something you might not be able to do in the daily hassle of life. Don’t forget to check for discounts on the MiStay app while booking couple friendly hotels in Mumbai.

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3. Don’t fall for the tourist mouse trap

We understand you want to impress your partner at every stretch of the journey. But if you plan to wine and dine at the most famous spots, you might end up with a hole in your pocket. Dining at Taj Hotel or taking a ferry ride from Gateway of India are dreamy goals but will cost you twice the standard price. Adventuring at authentic sights and restaurants of the city with the guidance of locals will leave you a memorable experience for a much better deal. Sitting in a diner and enjoying the pure bliss of authenticity is way better than sitting in a popular retro jam-packed with people.

4. Arguing

Arguing about little things with your partner is inevitable. It happens day-to-day and is bound to happen while travelling due to numerous reasons either because one of y’all forgot to close the room door or carry the charger or you both have different preferences for dinner. The best way to resolve this is by sharing responsibilities. Know your strength and weakness and take up duties that you are good at. For example, if you drive well, your partner can read the map and give directions, or if you like researching, you plan the itinerary whereas your lover can make the bookings like bus tickets, reserving dayuse hotels in Mumbai or dayuse hotels in Pune. It is all about teamwork. Make sure to put forth suggestions calmly and loving manner instead of getting annoyed.

5. Giving romance a backseat

Agreed that travelling is about sightseeing and exploring the city, but when venturing with your better half, it is equally about reawakening and living the good old romance. If you completely shift your focus from your partner to the new world around you, it could result in them feeling insecure, which is quite normal. After all, the trip is supposed to be fascinating and magical, bringing you both closer rather than a solo adventure.

Some couples get so used to each other that they stop putting effort into the relationship. A simple and easy way to overcome this stagnant point in the relationship is to make your partner feel special. Dress up for them, buy their favourite flowers, and have a romantic candlelight dinner in the new city. You could also ask the staff of couple friendly hotels in Mumbai or other cities to decorate the room. So, after spending a delightful time eating good food, you can rekindle the romance between y’all in the couple friendly hotels in Mumbai.

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6. Don’t overfill the bucket list

Planning an itinerary sitting on a couch is much different than living it in reality. Remember that less is more. If you put a lot of activities and places to explore in your schedule in a single day, you will not be able to fully enjoy the essence of a particular location. It will feel as if you are in a fast and furious sequel instead of a romantic getaway. Google maps might give you an idea of the distance between two spots but can’t provide the exact time you may intend to spend at one place. Take time and cautiously plan your travel schedule just like you take time to decide what to eat for lunch. Consider your partner's opinions and thoughts and choose places you both are eager to explore. If you are still in conflict about which spots to leave out, try booking hourly hotels in Delhi or the travel city near the sights you wish to visit that way, you can at least save some time on conveyance.

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7. Overpacking

Pack your and your partner’s luggage in separate bags. Doing this will help you avoid fights regarding space and a lot of drama. Besides, make sure to take minimal baggage along. A Heavy backpack can lead to a broken back, a bad mood and an overall bad trip. You don’t need to unnecessarily carry additional outfits as the hourly hotels in Chennai, and other cities provide laundry service.

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Don’t let these mistakes stop you from having a good time with your partner. After all, it is not every day that you get to travel with them.