A hilly metro city, Pune gives you best of the both worlds. With developed infrastructure yet full of greenery, Pune is a place anyone would love to stay. The city is filled with energy and enthusiasm due to the young population, and due to this same population, the Pune is perhaps one of the most forward-thinking cities. Where in many cities unmarried couples can be looked down, Pune is slowly turning liberal and slowly warming up concepts that society still regards as stated in a 2016 article by TOI (Times Of India). As the city has slowly accepted live-in relationships, hotels for unmarried couples in Koregaon Park or hotels for unmarried couples in Viman Nagar and similar commercial places are a common occurrence in the city. This automatically turns Pune into ideal place for couples to visit, stay, and go on dates without caring about the prehistoric social stigma. And with the freedom of choice from multiple options to visit with your partner, comes the curse of boiling it all down to a few places. So to makes things a bit easier for couples here is a list of 7 romantic places in and around Pune to visit with your partner.

1. Sinhagad Fort

30 Km away from Pune, Sihagad is the pride of the southwestern region of Pune. With a name that translates to Lion Fort, the fort is located 1312 m above the sea level. One might say Sinhagad Fort has a quite strategical location, due to the steep sand breakneck slopes around it to protect from all side. For a couple who love a bit of adventure, this place is perfect for a trek, followed by the mesmerizing view of the city from the high top. The fort is covered with lusciously green flora like nature is hugging it and preserving the rich history it holds. Considering it was once a fort there are multiple small chambers like areas that can serve as a resting ground for couples and well as a place to spend some intimate time.

2. Lonavala

One of the most popular towns and hill stations in Maharashtra, if you were not living under a rock, you already know Lonavla. Surround a blanket of nature, Lonavla is perfect for a weekend getaway with your partner to cool the steam off. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit during the monsoon. Lonavala offers an array of activities from Trekking at Lohgad and Visapuragad, to a visit to Pavana Dam and the famous Lions Point also known as the Echo Point.

3. Koregaon Park


If you are looking to go on a romantic date in Pune at a beautiful cafe or restaurant, this is the place to go, no to mention the couple-friendly hotels at Koregaon Park makes the places more appealing for couples. You can visit Sorisso for an extravagant Italian dining experience, or Dario's for that open-air candle night experience. Other notable choices would Harry's Bar and Kitchen for that classy gentleman Bar experience, The French Window Patisserie for the perfect bakery experience, and Boteco - Restaurante Brasileiro to have some flamboyant Brazilian and South American food, and that's just a few of the many options. It's safe to say when you visit this area, you'll always find a table at someplace for the date night, and you can always book a room in one of the couple-friendly hotels at Koregaon park for some intimate time after dinner.

4. Empress Gardens

A beautiful garden in the city itself, the Empress Garden was made to honor Queen Victoria when she held the title of Empress of India. A perfect place to go on a picnic being surrounded by colorful flora and fauna. A romantic walkthrough is a tranquil garden with your partner, appreciating the gigantic farms, lush green jungles, pristine lakes, and an exotic variety or simply sit by the stream to enjoy each other's company.

5. Matheran

A Hill station, 120 km away from Pune Matheran is a rare sight of serenity unlike most hill-stations in around Maharashtra. Due to the ban on vehicles, Matheran has quite a less amount of crowd and most of the commuting is done by rickshaws and toy trains. This makes it an ideal place for couples to visit us and experience romantic and serene time with one another. Being a Hill station, Matheran offers trekking for the couples looking for a bit of adventure. Panorama point from where you get a 360 degree view of the villages nearby, Sunset point, One tree hill are some famous trek of this Hill station.

6. Pawna Lake

An artificial lake like no other, Pawna Lake is synonymous with serenity. A perfect place for couples looking to experience some thrilling activities and appreciate mother nature's creations. A camping trip around this lake is highly recommended. Not only you get private time with your partner but you get a different view on life away from all the hassles and disdain of daily life, clearing your mind with a touch of mother nature. And having your partner throughout the whole trip makes the whole experience greatly memorable.

7. Kune

Enveloped in lush green forests, Kune waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfall in the country. It is a 3 tier waterfall with total height of 200 meters. While monsoon is the best time go here, the streams can be a bit aggressive for the same reasons, so careful with your steps if you visit during monsoon. It is self explanatory why a waterfall during monsoon would romantic, but it is also quite near to Lonavala Hill station, so you can probably visit both the places with your partner and have a great team all tougher.

These were a few of the many romantic places in and around Pune you can visit with your partner. While your surroundings truly do add a lot to the experience, always remember the most romantic place is wherever you are with your partner.

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