While the air is turning colder and we are looking forward to the winter vacations, let us check how we can celebrate our Christmas in the best way. Well, there are primarily two ways to celebrate Christmas. Either you stay at home and celebrate with your near ones, or else just hit the road. If you are choosing the second path then accommodation is what you need to consider majorly for a safe holiday.  You can try the hourly hotels in MiStay which are great options for renting rooms and celebrating the festivities in full bloom.

The hourly hotels in Kolkata or in any other major cities in India, offer a lot for the Christmas celebrations and yet it intends to weigh less on your pocket. From lovely decorations, delicious dishes to offers and discounts, you will have them all.

What the hotels promise to provide during Christmas

  • Couple friendly atmosphere

Often, it becomes difficult to spend time with your sweetheart just because people are still apprehensive of couples wanting to spend time with each other. This Christmas you don’t have to hunt for places where you can enjoy comfortably as a couple. The hotels for unmarried couples in Mumbai offer just the right cord and ambience where couples can celebrate Christmas without having to be worried of the disregard from the onlookers.

  • Pocket friendly packages

The hourly hotels are already much cheaper than the regular ones, as you have to pay only for the hours you are staying and not for the entire 24 hours. You can rent a room for a minimum period of an hour and pay only for it, while using the hourly hotels. On top of this, there are the seasonal offers that you can always take advantage of. This Christmas you can get even more benefit from the day use rooms in Mumbai through the promotions, packages and discounts offered during Christmas and New year weeks. Check out the websites for the offers during Christmas.

  • Lovely decorations

Any festivity calls for decorations. Bright meaningful decorations give us the wholesome feeling of being attached to a cause, a community and life as an entirety. Apart from our homes, wherever you go during Christmas find yourself surrounded by a decorated Christmas tree with red and white embellishments all around. Check out for the hotels for a few hours in Mumbai where along with the various other facilities you will get to enjoy the enchanting ambience. Also, don’t be surprised if the attendants are wearing cute Santa caps to entertain the guests.

You would love the decorations in hotels for a few hours in Mumbai. Source: Bing images
  • Easy check-ins and check-outs

Of Course you won’t sit in one place when it is Christmas! But, why to pay for the hours you are not staying at the hotel? You will find no hassle for the check-ins and check-outs in the hourly hotels. Thus, avail the rooms at whichever hour you feel like, pay exactly for that period of time and enjoy your vacation.

  • Luggage room

If you have booked the room for a short time to freshen up and intend to go out and join the Christmas fun, the couple friendly hotels in Pune provide a secure luggage room where you can keep your belongings. You can move about the city freely without having to carry the luggage all along and collect them whenever you are done.

  • Lip-smacking food items

What is a festival without good food to indulge our taste buds! Christmas platter is all about fine bakery items, from varied breads to exquisite dessert items. Gorge all the Christmas delicacies that these hourly hotels offer during the Christmas week. You can order for them or look for the day use hotels which give such items as a complimentary.

Don’t miss the food. Source: Silver Talkies
  • Privacy to relish the celebrations

Christmas and extensive celebrations go hand in hand. However, if you cannot enjoy it in the way you want, then you will not find any joy in it. It is your choice to either join the partying group or celebrate it with your beloved in a private place of the day use hotels in Noida. The hourly hotels do understand the need for your privacy and respect it. You will find yourself complete at your ease and enjoying the celebrations according to your requirements in the listed day use hotels.

  • Safety is the priority

Wherever you go, you must and you surely do look for the safety issues. It becomes even more essential during the festival days because of the large-scale celebrations. To celebrate Christmas safely without any bad memories you would need accommodations where safety is not a question. No matter what the occasion is, or even if it is a normal day without any festival to celebrate, safety and security comes first on the hourly hotels listed in our site. So, this Christmas you can go about having a blast of Christmas celebration, without having to worry about any other issues.

Celebrate in the privacy and security of hotels for a few hours in Mumbai. Source: Bing images

Few Day Use hotels in Mumbai for this Christmas

If you are confused with the choice of hotels that provide accommodations on hourly charge basis, then here is a list of hotels that you can choose to stay in Mumbai.

  • Beacon T2 Hotel
  • Hotel Starwood Residency
  • Sahar Garden
  • Oriental Aster
  • Hotel Kwality Inn ­
  • Hotel highway Inn
  • The Pacific
  • Hotel Sai Saran
  • Hotel Hometown
  • Colaba Suites
  • Hotel SA Residency
  • Sky Palace

If you want rooms to stay anywhere else in India then here are choices for some awesome couple friendly hotels in Chennai, Pune, Noida, and others across the major cities of the nation.

  • Ilara hotel and spa in Chennai
  • The Pride Hotel in Chennai
  • Hyatt in Pune
  • Bestow Inn in Pune
  • Crown Plaza in Noida  
  • Hotel Balran Suites in Noida
  • The Park in Kolkata


When it is about celebrations, it is better to spend them in the day use hotels in Delhi with near and dear ones. You need not worry about accommodations when MiStay is with you. Go to the site and search for the hotels you want. Whether you want regular hotels or day use ones, MiStay stay will provide the best of recommendations for you to choose from. Your requirement may include hotels for a few hours in Hyderabad, or in any other hotel in India, you must look for the special offers for the Christmas celebrations. Enjoy the delightful decorations, good food, and party vibes in the day use hotels and create lovely memories to look back on.