Do you know the concept of saree dates back as old as Indus Valley Civilization? Even in various mythological books, sarees are six to nine yards of women's attire. In India, the saree has evolved from time to time. Whether it's a woven fabric or a draping style, ample varieties of sarees are available in every part of India & its subcontinent.

So, why not explore these traditional places where you get their native sarees? Pack your bags, and book hourly hotels from MiStay in advance & get some awesome saree collection.

North India

I. Varanasi (or Banaras) : Banarasi Saree

Heavy-weighted Iconic Banarasi Saree With Overall Golden Prints (Image Source:

If you are a saree lover, Varanasi visit is a must! Banarasi sarees are one of the most classy sarees of all time. These sarees have premium silk bases with usually border zari borders. Overall this saree has embellished golden designs, brocade embroidery, or leave-like patterns. Banarasi sarees are heavy-weighted, rich in color & available in tanchoi, butiwork, and jangla designs on the organza, silk, and georgette base.

Pro-Tip: You can get an awesome collection at reasonable prices at shops near Dashashwamedha Ghat in Varanasi. Make sure to book a hotel for a few hours in Varanasi from MiStay after a tiring shopping day.

II. Lucknow: Chikan Saree

Graceful & Light Weight Chikan Saree of Lucknow (Image Source, Pinterest)

Chikankari is a different style of embroidery with mostly cotton threads. The Chikan sarees are sophisticated sarees that you can wear at your office party or at a wedding party with matching jewelry. Overall saree is lighter than the Banarasi saree, so it's easy to carry out this elegant Chikan saree.

Pro-Tip: You can get your favorite collection from shops in the Hazrat Ganj area in Lucknow. Also, it's better to book an hourly hotel in Lucknow for your rest break from MiStay that helps you pay only for the time you stay.

East India

III. Kolkata: Batik Saree

Batik Printed Saree of Kolkata (Image Source:

Another hand-made specialty of artisans, the Batik saree is a unique product of West Bengal. In the dyeing process of saree process, some part of the cloth is covered with wax. The process is repeated several times such that undyed & dyed cloth portions give a contrast appearance like canvass painting!

Pro-Tip: Ballygunge in the Gariahat region of South Kolkata is famous for Batik Saree shopping. When you need a relaxing break from shopping, don't forget to book a hotel for a few hours in Kolkata.

IV. Bhubaneswar: Bomkai Saree

Traditional Patterned & Handloom Bomkai Saree (Image Source: Pinterest)

Bomkai sarees have rich & traditional patterns. These are manufactured in the handloom industry. Buy cotton bomkai saree for daily wear & premium silk bomkai saree for special occasions. These sarees are mostly available in flashy colors of yellow & green. You can go through various other graceful color combinations available in the market.

Pro-Tip: For Bomkai saree shopping in Bhubaneswar, you can walk through the Janpath Road market. Sarees of all price ranges are available here. Make sure to visit the Jagannath Puri Temple & book an hourly hotel in Bhubaneswar or Puri.

West India

VI. Jaipur: Lehariya Saree

Lehariya Saree with Wave-Like Patterns (Image Source: Pinterest)

Lehariya is derived from the Hindi word, Lehar meaning wave. Lehariya sarees have eye-catching bright colors with wave-type prints as designs. Visit the Jaipur market for colorful patterned Lehariya Sarees. Light weighted and simpler tones of these sarees make you carry them gracefully at home & at the workplace. For wedding purposes, you can go for lehariya sarees with zari-worked borders.

Pro-Tip: You can shop for lehariya sarees at reasonable rates from Bapu bazaar, Johri Bazaar & Chanpole market of Jaipur. You can go for a rest in a hotel for a few hours in Jaipur near these markets.

Central India

VII. Bhopal: Chanderi Saree

Mitera Blue Floral Embroidered Chanderi Saree (Image Source:

Chanderi sarees are lustrous. They usually have polka dot patterns of circular or diamond shapes with a golden tint. They are lighter in weight to carry, but their shine makes you stand out in the crowd. As silk and zari patterns are linked on the cotton base makes it is lightweight. Overall, Chanderi Sarees are apt for festivals & family functions.

Pro-Tip: You can get a range of chanderi sarees at affordable prices in TT Nagar Market & Aerera Colony market area of Bhopal. So, if you are here for a day or two, make sure to book an hourly hotel in Bhopal for an economical stay.

South India

VIII. Chennai: Kanjeevaram Saree

Bride's Favorite Saree - Exquisite & Gracious Kanjeevaram Saree (Image Source: Pinterest)

Kanjeevaram is one of the most famous sarees in India. These sarees are woven on elite-quality mulberry silk threads. You can explore a variety in these sarees, all-same or contrast colors, contrasting color prints, one color saree with the same or different color borders, etc.

A unique feature of these sarees is showcasing traditional India through their prints & designs. The famous temple motifs and embellished patterns of lions, peacocks, moons, coins, chariots, swans, etc are weaved onto these sarees.

Pro-Tip: T. Nagar saree shops are famous for authentic Kanjeevaram sarees. You can take a break from your tiring shopping day in a hotel for a few hours in Chennai from MiStay.

Final Words

Sarees are the heart of Indian clothing. Wherever you are traveling in India, you get a variety of sarees. Whether you want embroidered chikan saree, light-weighted lehariya & chanderi sarees, offbeat bomkai & batik saree, heavy-weighted Banarasi, or traditional Kanjeewaram sarees, you get it all. The saree draping styles are also different from region to region. But the essence of the saree is the same! In fact, due to budding fashion bloggers, you get to know more styles of saree & draping.

So, Saree lovers, what are you waiting for? Book hourly hotels from MiStay and travel to these 7 historical places & lift your wardrobe style quotient by adding these sarees.