New Year is near. You will explore a perfect venue for a new year's party. Every new year's eve, you dance to the beats of DJs in clubs & discos. You shout the countdown when the clock strikes 12. Loud music, food & drinks fill up the rest. But why not do something different this year?

If you are wondering where to plan for a party, then we are here with a list of top tier-2 cities that would be a perfect destination for you! Plan for some offbeat place to start this new year. So, pack your bags and book an hourly hotel in Pune or other parts of India for your stay.

I. Celebrate Under the Stars - Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Tents Inside the Rann of Kutch Festival (Image Source: Pixabay)

The grand Rann Utsav in the Kutch region of Gujarat is a great place to celebrate your new year. In this spectacular Utsav, you can explore the glittering white sand desert, stay in a tent setup with modern facilities, and relish the Kutchi cuisine. Other than that, enjoy the performances of traditional music & dance by local artists. You can charm yourself with cultural artifacts available in the shops.

Especially during the night, enjoy the bonfire and shining stars in the open sky. Camel ride during the sunset is also an option to explore in the Rann. Be camera-ready, as the natural landscapes give you many options for memorable photographs. So, don't forget to stay in an hourly hotel in Ahmedabad or Pune for your halt from MiStay so that you can pay only for the time you stay.

II. Sail Through the Backwaters - Kerala

Breathtaking Varkala Beach in Kerala (Image Source: Unsplash, Parthiban account)

In Kerala, you can unique celebrations in many places on the eve of new year's eve. In Thiruvananthapuram, decoration of temples  with flowers & lights. Traditional dances, fireworks & singing events are held on 31st December. This celebration continues till the midnight. Sounds interesting, right? You can enjoy cultural party, that too of a new year! Make sure to book hourly hotel in Pune for your layover travel.

Varkala & Kovalam beach towns of Kerala are better options for a new year celebrations. You can feel relaxed by taking ayurvedic massages in spas. On the night of new year eve, Uday Samudra resort hosts a grand event that includes live dance performances, music & buffet arrangements with 35 varieties of dishes. Sounds relaxing & fun at the same time! So, book hotel for a few hours in Pune or Kovalam for your economical stay.

III. Go Trance in the Music Festivals - Kasol, Himachal

Kasol is a small town near Kullu-Manali in Himachal. Its picturesque landscapes, treks, Israeli cuisines, lush greenery, flowing Parvati river & nightlife are reasons to visit Kasol. But during the new year time, Kasol dons a different avatar. Kasol hosts several music festivals that make you trance with their vibes.

Parvati River in Kasol (Image Source: Unsplash, Shreshth Gupta account)

Silent Disco Festival

Silent Disco Festival is one of the unique musical celebrations that happen in Kasol. Also known as Silent Disco Headphones party, the festival gives you the vibes of the next level. You will be given headphones to play your desired songs & music. You can sync with the music played in the disco. So, only you can listen to this song & you can dance & swing in silence. Isn't it a different concept? So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip & stay cost-effectively in an hourly hotel in Kasol or an hourly hotel in Pune.

Parvati Music Festival

Quoted as India's most famous new year event, Parvati Music Festival is a vibrant celebration of the essence of individuality and freedom through dance, music & art. You can enjoy the performances of popular entertainers, musicians & dancers. Localities set up flea markets outside the music festival setup where you can buy jute purses and woodwork items. So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate your new year in Kasol this time & book a hotel for a few hours in Pune or an hourly hotel in Manal for your stay.

IV. Go Spiritual in Golden Temple - Amritsar, Punjab

Glittering Golden Temple during night (Image Source: Unsplash, Salil account)

Up for something different this new year? Pay a visit to the iconic Golden Temple in Amritsar. When you walk into the premises of the Golden Temple with the continuous spiritual songs (bhajan & kirtan) in the background, it feels blissful! Late at night around 10 pm, you can watch the 'Palki Ceremony' in which the priests carry the holy book Guru Granth Sahib from the main shrine of the Golden Temple to the Akal Takht Sahib building for the night time. Again in the early morning, the Guru Granth Sahib book will be carried in the Palki (or palanquin) from the Akal Takht building back to the Golden Temple. You can go for a holy dip in the Sarovar that's believed to repent you of all your sins.

What's more beautiful to celebrate your new year than reciting prayers & fireworks in the sky? Book rooms in an hourly hotel in Pune or day use hotel in Amritsar for your interim stay.

Final Words

We recommend these above-mentioned cities to celebrate your new year. The celebrations are unique and different & will give you some of the beautiful memories of a lifetime.

Your Christmas leaves are already approved & if not, apply for approval! Spend time with your loved ones in these tier-2 cities for a change away from the hush bush of city life. Make sure to book rooms in an hourly hotel from MiStay so that you can get flexible check-in options & pay only for the time you stay in the hotel. So, where are you going for your new year party?