It is here! The most dreaded month of the year, as the singles cry over not having anyone and the couples get their brains fried over what to get for their loved ones. The chocolates may not work this time, the flowers got used up last year and you are really bad in drawing to make a card. But what never gets old since Adam gave the apple to Eve, is both of you secluded amidst an exotic location without any disturbance. Everyone is a sucker for a romantic getaway, and booking any hotels in Jaipur doesn't counts in that.

So we bring to you the 7 most gorgeous places in India which we feel are perfect for this Valentine's getaway. They fit in each parameter of romance as they are exotice, beautiful and amazingly cozy.

Loktak Lake-Manipur

The list of romantic places for Valentine’s day celebration in India isn't complete without mentioning the natural marvel of the floating Loktak Lake. Situated within the quiet city of Moirang and besides being the biggest fresh lake within the entire Northeast, Loktak Lake also happens to be the only floating national parks all over the world. With the wealth in flora and fauna, and a proud home to over 230 species of plants, a visit to the Loktak Lake is bound to form your Valentine’s day into a success this year!

Janjehli Valley-Himachal Pradesh

Located at an altitude of almost 2150 meters, Janjehli is an old, rustic, and a quaint tiny city within the heart of Mandi District in Himachal. History of Valentine's Day in India has it that taking the one that you love to somehwere that is enclosed by rising mountains, beautiful valleys, rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes is by far one amongst the most romantic things to make happen on this big day. And once it involves peace and tranquility, Janjehli valley fits the bill in the most perfect manner.


Located at a distance of simply 50 odd kilometers from the scenic Shillong, Laitmawsiang could be a hidden gem inside the chest of Meghalaya. For those who’re looking for fun places to travel to on Valentine’s day or could also be up for a day’s trip, the unexplored park of Laitmawsiang happens to be a perfect destination. Encompassing of a variety of orchid flowers, serene pools, cascading waterfalls, and a lot of of such natural wonders, Laitmawsiang happens to be Meghalaya’s best well-kept secrets to this point.

Chorla Ghat-Goa

Serving as the confluence of Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka, Chorla ghat is one amongst the best of the birdwatching sites that is also an excellent spot for valentine’s day celebration in India. Encircled by lush tropical forests and rising as an eco-friendly destination, head to Chorla staircase on a "way-long-than-necessary" romantic drive and spend some quality time along with your special one in the lap of nature!

Vattakanal-Tamil Nadu

Doesn't it looks beautiful? Well the truth is way better than what it seems here. And none of the [hotels in Bangalore] can match up to it. Popularly known as the ‘Little Israel’ and translating into "Encircled lake", Vattakanal has all the capabilities of transporting you into heaven with its charm. For those who’ve been aiming to spend this Valentine’s day in company of simply one another, Vattakanal offers all the privacy, peace, and quiet within the world to create the occasion close to perfect for you. And we’re pretty certain you wouldn’t mind the company of few clouds!


Embarking on NH-66 which is situated at a distance of almost 55 kilometers from town of Udupi in Karnataka, takes the travelers to the most exciting spot for Valentine’s day celebration in India- Maravanthe. A fine looking city that is also the home to the cleanest beach of all in Karnataka. Maravanthe is the perfect gem that adds the much required charm to the Konkan coast.

Theog-Himachal Pradesh

Chances are high that you just may not have known about this place till now however Theog happens to be the most loved gems of Himachal Pradesh. A heavenly store of surprises that is laden with snow on all sides, Theog is the nearest place to heaven that the travelers in search of romantic places to go to on Valentine’s day in India, and one of the best anyone can get. Situated at a distance of simply 32 kilometers far from the main town of Shimla, lies a stunning paradise which is ideal for couples!

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