It seems ages since we have been in self-quarantine. The temporary lock down is the new normal. Still, you must be yearning to go out on a vacation to see a new place. I bet you are making plans for your next vacation. But, as you plan your trip you can always make a note of 50 hacks to travel in a shoe-string budget. Yes, you can completely afford a comfortable vacation in a really low budget with the help of the following hacks.

Yes, make a list of the hacks
  1. Travel off-season

Until or unless you are going to a season specific place like Sundarbans or Rohtang Pass, you can always visit a place during the off-season. Yes, you will save quite a lot of money by avoiding peak seasons. You can even enjoy sight-seeing at ease without the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Over-crowded places can feel quite claustrophobic as well. You might eventually leave without enjoying the beauty because everyone was packed like sardines in the place.

So, if you visit Delhi during the off-season then you would get more choices of hourly hotels in Aerocity and couple friendly hotels in Paharganj.

If it is too crowded you might eventually not enjoy at all

2. Bargain

Your bargaining skills can actually save a lot of money for you. You can travel in a cheaper auto if you manage to bargain correctly. You can also buy things at a much cheaper rate if you can hone your bargaining skills.

During your next vacation to the commercial capital of the country, Mumbai, remember to research extensively about your destinations and bargain properly when you leave your hourly hotel in Dadar or couple friendly hotel in Bandra.

Do not forget to bargain each item you buy

3. Cook your own food

It is always cheaper to cook your own food and pack it along. You can stay in kitchenette hotel rooms and prepare your own food. You can eventually pack the cooked food and carry it along for the day. If you can bargain properly then you might be able to buy vegetables at a much cheaper rate as well. You can also live on a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nothing can be healthier than fruits for breakfast and salads for lunch.

The next time you visit the city of joy, Kolkata, remember to buy the required fruits and vegetables before entering your hourly hotel in Esplanade or couple friendly hotel in Park Street.

Always try to stay in kitchenette rooms

4. Carry snacks

Instead of buying local snacks on the go, you can always carry your own snacks. Munching on dry fruits and cereal bars is always a healthy and affordable option.

So you can always munch on dry fruits as you visit one temple after the other, during your next Chennai trip. Do not forget to pack your cereal bars as you leave your hourly hotel in Saidapet or couple friendly hotel in Velachery.

Do not forget your pack of dry fruits

5. Do not eat near a famous tourist spot

Restaurants near a famous tourist spot serve expensive sloppy food. You would get much tastier food at half the cost after travelling a few blocks away from the famous tourist spot. Restaurants at such locations cater majorly to the tourists who are rarely repeat customers. Moreover, tourists do not have much idea about the original taste of the local food.

The Shaniwar Wada in Pune might be the perfect ambience to much on Puran Poli and other Pune delicacies. But, you would get much tastier puran poli at a cheaper cost near your couple friendly hotel in Hinjawadi or hourly hotel in Viman Nagar.

Shaniwar wada in Pune

6. Do not taxi everywhere

The best way to understand a city and immerse in it's culture is by roaming around its lanes and by-lanes. Try not to hire a taxi to go over to a really nearby place. Now, don't be penny wise and pound foolish by spending an entire day walking over to a certain place. You should not forget that time is money. You need to analyse and decide the places you can walk over. Public vehicles are sometimes a wiser option than private taxis.

Given the Bangalore traffic, you might reach faster to a nearby location by walking. A taxi would be an unnecessary investment at such a situation. It would be a wiser decision to stay in all across Bangalore in various places such as an hourly hotel in Indiranagar or couple friendly hotel in Koramangala and visit the nearby famous spots.

Cubbon Park in Bangalore

7. Carry water bottle

It is healthier, safer and environment friendlier to carry your own water bottle instead of buying packaged mineral plastic water bottles on the go. You can always refill the water bottle from a safe filter in a restaurant or hotel.

Hyderabad has regular tropical climate. It is generally quite hot and humid. As a traveller you would feel thirsty very often. So, remember to fill your water bottles as you leave your hourly hotel in Madhapur or couple friendly hotel in Banjara Hills.

Do not forget to refill your water bottle.

8. Work

Volunteer tourism or responsible tourism is on the rise and very effective to travel in a shoe-string budget. You can always get a lot of travel assistance in return of volunteer work. If you are really interested, you must read about the 6 major voluntourism destinations in India. Otherwise, you can always work as a freelancer and earn on the go. There are multiple freelance websites which post about a plethora of freelance job options.

During your next Goa trip, you can always work as you relax in your hourly hotel in Anjuna or couple friendly hotel in Calangute.

9. Hourly Hotels

Last but not the least, you absolutely cannot rule out the idea of hourly hotels when you want to travel on a shoe-string budget. They are extremely affordable and comfortable. There is no point in booking a hotel room for an entire day when you can rent it only for the actual hours of use. The concept of hourly hotels and dayuse hotels have become quite profound in India. There are plenty of hourly hotels all across India.

You can always use the 9 hacks for a comfortable and affordable vacation. I hope they were helpful and you enjoy your stay.