You must have watched Ayushman Khuranna & Kriti Sanon's starer movie, Bareilly ki Barfi with Javed Akhtar as its background narrator. Kriti Sanon, the female protagonist's father had a sweet shop. In that movie, you must have observed that Bareilly's portrayal is simple & peaceful. It's the same in the real life too! It's far from the hush-bush of the metro cities. So, if you are living in Delhi-NCR & wanted to travel a little less melodramatic place to visit, Bareilly welcomes you.

Nevertheless, Bareilly is not that less famous tourist place that most people perceive it to be. It has many iconic markets for shopping & many tourist places for your visit. So, book a hotel on an hourly basis, and explore these five tourist destinations of Bareilly.

Religious Places

I. Nath Temples

Trivatinath Temple (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Bareilly is known as "Nath Nagari" (Translation: City of God Shiva) due to 4 Nath temples at every four corner of the city, naming Alakhanath Temple, the Madhinath Temple, the Trivati Temple & the Dhopeshwarnath Temple. There are total 7 Nath temples in Bareilly. All these temples are serene, dedicated to deity God Shiva. Some temples are big, and some are medium sized, but all these nath temples assure that peaceful feel restored in you while you are sitting there in silence!

So, what are you waiting for? Book budget-friendly hourly hotel in Bareilly, and visit these temples with your family.

II. Ala-Hazrat Dargah

Ala-Hazrat Dargah (Image Source: Wikipedia)

There are many famous mosques in Bareilly. Out of which, these three mosques, Dargah-e-Alahazrat, Hazrat Shah Sharafat Ali Miyan, and Khanqah E Niazia are the most famous ones. Due to the presence of these mosques, Bareilly is known as "Bareilly Sharif". These religious places give you peace of mind. So, don't miss these shrines in your Bareilly visit.

III. Church in Bareilly Cantt Area & Gurudwara in Model Town

There are many churches present in Bareilly. These churches are running many top-notch convent schools in the city. Out of these churches, you can visit the main church in the Cantt area of Bareilly, St. Stephen's Church. This beautiful red brick structure of the Church is a must to visit-place of Bareilly.

You can also visit a famous gurudwara built in the memory of the ninth Sikh guru, Guru Teg Bahadur in the Chamankoti area of Bareilly.

So, that's all for the religious places! If you are in Bareilly, don't forget to book a hotel for a few hours in Bareilly & travel to these serene places.

Shopping & Refreshment Areas

III. Iconic Markets

Bareilly is a wonderful marketplace for wedding shoppers. You can get a variety of embroidery designs on your fabrics. Bareilly is a hub of skilled artisans who have extraordinary talent and make handmade embroidery with zari-zardozi & karchobi styles.

You can shop for a variety of good quality bamboo-based & wooden furniture in Bareilly market. There are hubs of handicraft markets like Bareilly Haat. Bareilly also celebrates the famous Uttaranyi Mela (or fair) to promote the Kumaon culture of Uttarakhand.

Uttaranyi Mela (Image Source: Khuskhabar)

Still, thinking of a visit? Plan your holidays near the Uttaranyi Fair, experience the local culture, and shop for traditional handwork designs. Save your money by booking a dayuse hotel in Bareilly while your travel.

IV. Famous Food Outlets

What's the use of visiting, if you haven't tried the famous dishes of the place? Bareilly houses many different dishes & shops. You can try out delicious kachori (potato-stuffed deep-fried bread with spices) at Kipps sweet center, and filling lassi (stirred sugary curd mixed with water) at Dinanath Lassi Centre for breakfast.

Do try out appetizing Aloo Tikki (potato donut) made up of desi ghee (pure clarified butter) and Dahi Bhalla (mix of lentil-based fritters dipped in curd) served in the corner shop of Chotelal Tikki wale in Civil lines of Bareilly. Don't forget to visit Chaman Chaat Bhandar in the same vicinity.

Up for Chinese cuisine? Go and try out vegeterian & non-vegeterian momos of Momo Hut in Rajendra Nagar. So, as you can see, there are so many street market shops for your morning breakfast to evening snacks.

So, when you are visiting Bareilly next time for your business visit, book a hotel for a few hours in Bareilly, and visit these famous food outlets.

V. Jhumka Tiraha

Jhumka Tiraha (Image Source: Rahul Soni)

In 1966, a Bollywood song, "Jhumka gira re Bareilly ke bazaar me" ( English translation: My earring got lost in the Bareilly market) got famous among the Indian audience. Due to this song's fame, many people often think that the jhumka (canopy-shaped earrings) production is famous in Bareilly. In reality, this is not the case! There are no specific shops for jhumkas in Bareilly. But nowadays, shopkeepers keep a variety of earrings in their shops to keep tourists happy!

Still, the confusion persists. So, the Bareilly administration constructed a small park, erected the large-sized jhumka structure on 14 feet pole in the middle & named it Jhumka Tiraha in 2019. So, you can say, Bareilly finally got its lost jhumka after 53 long years! It's needless to say, Jhumka Tiraha must be on your visit location in Bareilly.

VI. Other Nearby Places

You can go on the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve tour from Bareilly. It takes around 2 hours by cab. For industrial visits, you can visit the IFFCO township that takes around an hour from Bareilly. So, you can book a dayuse hotel in Bareilly from MiStay so that you pay only for the time you stay!

Final Thoughts

Yes, I know, Bareilly is not that famous for you. But not anymore! Bareilly is always famous in the world of local businessmen. Bareilly lies in the mid-way of Delhi, the nation's capital & Lucknow, the state's capital. So, there are ample businesss opportunities here due to its location. Exquisite embroidery, bamboo, wooden & handicraft markets are also present here.

So, come & visit this iconic city that has recently named as one of the counter-magnet cities of National Capital Regions. Be sure to book hourly hotels in Bareilly & visit these wonderful tourist destinations.