Adventuring solo is not easy heck travelling in itself is exhausting. There are so many things involved, like drafting a budget, making a bucket list, reading maps, and packing bags, and this could be so difficult with no one to rely on. Agreed there are many apps to make these chores easier but are these virtual applications really enough when on the road? How many times have you taken the wrong way or driven into a construction road because of Google maps? Although some of them are applicable, a few might not give you the right guidance. Don't fall prey to these silly mistakes. Learn these 14 skills as a solo wanderer.

1. Budgeting

Although it sounds easy, making a budget is not an easy task. Note how much you will be spending on food, shopping and transport, hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Delhi and other cities (accommodation). It is always better to pre-decide these things so that you don’t end up overspending or falling short of money. Make sure to always carry extra cash in case of any emergency and avoid splurging on useless mementoes and wall hangings.


2. Home for a few days

Finding budget-friendly hotels is a bit tedious. Browse the internet, and before making any reservations check the reviews. Even though the hotel might look fancy in the pictures, there are chances of the room service being bad or the food not palatable. A few hourly hotels in Kolkata and dayuse hotels in Kolkata have polite attendants, delicious food and luxurious amenities. Try booking hotels two-three months prior if you plan to travel during the holiday season. Unable to find a suitable lodge online, ask a relative who’s been to the destination.

Since you will be travelling solo and don’t have to follow any time restraints reserve the affordable hourly hotels in Mumbai to go sightseeing whenever you please.

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3. Be courageous enough to Bargain

Not everyone is selfless, like the hourly hotels in Mumbai and hourly hotels in Pune, to offer attractive discounts. Sometimes you have to ask for one. But this requires expertise. Bargaining is considered a traditional ritual in some countries like India, and people could shame you for not even trying. It is okay to fail a few times. After all, “Practice maketh a man perfect”.

A few rules of haggling are to use the local language, if possible, quote a fair price, always smile, don’t say your desired rate first, and respect the seller and the art you aim to buy. Want to polish this newly acquired skill? Read a few tips on Bargaining by clicking here.

4. Make smart choices

Let’s not beat around the bush and get directly to the point. Instead of booking 24/7 accommodation, stay at hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Bangalore and other cities so that you don’t have to pay for one whole day but rather only for the time you spend in the hotel room. By doing this, you can save coins to buy an artsy souvenir.

5. Know all the roads and remember them

You might think this is a futile skill but imagine losing your phone in an unknown city, how are you going to get around now? There can be times when your battery is low, or the network is weak. Hence it is best to learn and revise all the roads.

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6. You have to be your own hero

There are chances where you might find yourself in a tricky situation and might need some saving. It is best to learn some self-defending skills. You don’t have to be a karate champion, knowledge regarding the sensitive points and a few techniques will suffice. Also, no matter where you are travelling always carry pepper spray along. Avoid venturing into eerie and isolated areas irrespective of your gender. It is better to be safe than sorry.

7. A trivial version of Sherlock Holmes

From looking for the right places to stay, eat, and shop, as well as discounts, planning a getaway requires a lot of research. So, get your magnifying glasses because we have a lot to inspect. Explore the World Wide Web or make good use of your talk time to call and gather information from relatives, hotels, restaurants and tourist spots. Remember to search for dayuse hotels in Delhi and other cities near popular attractions to save time on conveyance.

8. Driving

Most tourist destinations are not accessible through public transport or walking, leaving you with no other choice than to hire a driver or rent a cab which might cost you a lot more than planned, especially when travelling alone.

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9. Swimming

There is no fun in travelling to a beach location if you have no clue how to flap your hands. This will limit your options to sunbathing, watching the sunset or building a sandcastle. Experiencing thrilling water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and kite surfing will be farfetched ideas as you will constantly fear the thought of drowning.

10. Common sense and Basic survival skills

A few of these are not only a must-know for solo travellers but also in daily life. To camp, you obviously need to know how to set up a tent, and for trekking, you should master how to read maps or use GPS. Apart from these, if you ever get lost for whatever reason, learn to inform people about your whereabouts.

While living in a hostel, you might need some cooking skills. If cooking is not your best pursuit, stay at dayuse hotels in Bangalore that serve delicious cuisines. First-Aid is another life-saving skill to avoid an infection from a mere wound.

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11. Learn how to deal with conversions

While travelling abroad, you will have to deal with different currencies and big numbers. It is better to familiarize yourself with these notes so that you don’t get cheated while shopping or getting change.

12. Exceptional packing skills

Packing luggage as per the Airport rules and allowance is an art. Stuffing additional pairs of clothes might sound sensible, but they won’t be of much use since most hourly hotels in Hyderabad and other cities provide laundry services. Maximum luggage allowed on domestic flights is 32kgs and for international flights is 15kg per person and a 7kg handbag. If your suitcase exceeds these digits, you might have to shell out more money. A solo traveller needs to spend cautiously, and it wouldn’t be a smart decision to exhaust money on baggage. By rolling clothes, you can pack more in less space.


13. Speak the local language

Knowing the local language makes everything easier. You can ask for a discount without hesitation or order your favourite dish at the restaurant. No need for a PhD in the spoken language, knowing a few sentences like “hello”, “I would like to order”, “Where is this place” and “Thank you” are more than enough.

14. Interact with stranger

Talking to a stranger might sound intimidating, but when maps fail, the locals can guide you better than other alternatives. It is smart to befriend a native who will help you enjoy an authentic experience and expose all the captivating hidden spots in the city.

When travelling solo, you will be surrounded by strangers, from the people living at the dayuse hotels in Chennai to locals travelling on the train. You will have to keep aside the childhood lessons of not talking to strangers. If you choose to not communicate with anyone the journey will be lonely and boring.

Other things to get in habit of are eating the local food, reading maps and carrying suitcases. Hone these skills to become a successful solo traveler who ticks off destinations from their bucket list.