An increasingly popular approach to capturing your love in stunning photos that you can treasure forever is to have a pre-wedding photo shoot. Couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore allow you to become at ease with the photographer and the camera before the wedding so that any awkwardness is avoided. You may now choose from a wide range of gorgeous pre-wedding photography options based on your aesthetic and ambience, which will not only make your wedding more romantic but also leave it with a lasting impression.

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These photographs from the engagement session might subsequently be included in the invitations or played during the wedding event. Before you photograph a wedding, pre-wedding photoshoots assist you and the couple develop trust. It's also the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the personalities of the bride and groom and the ideal posing positions.

However, there are situations when you may hesitate to select the most recent pre-wedding shoot sites for the photo session. However, all of the secret locations for photo shoots are revealed below, so it was only up until now.

  • Lalbagh

Lalbagh is one of the well-known gardens in Bangalore and is spread out across 40 acres of land. This botanical park is situated in South Bangalore on Lalbagh road, and is a great spot to unwind for a while amidst the revitalizing greenery.

Unquestionably one of the most beautiful gardens in the nation with a well-thought-out layout, a wide variety of rare species, and regular upkeep of the walks and open areas. The imaginatively created lawns, water ponds, fountains, and flowerbeds are what distinguish Lalbagh Bangalore. Lalbagh is one of Bangalore's top locations for photo shoots and a dream setting.

Day use hotels in Delhi offer numerous backdrops with exquisitely constructed streets, buildings, and beach areas to improve the shooting experience, similar to Bangalore.

  • Nandi Hills

Bangalore's Nandi Hills is a beautiful setting for pre-wedding photo sessions. Nandi Hill, also known as "A Nature Lover's Haven" and "Hillock borrowed from Heaven," is surrounded by unfathomable natural beauty.

Nandi Hill, also known as Nandidurg or Nandi Betta, is a hill in the Karnataka district of Chikkabalapur surrounded by couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore. The Arkavathy River is thought to have been the source of the town of Nandi. The name comes from the location of an ancient Dravidian temple dedicated to the Nandi status. The hill is said to have inspired the name because it resembled "the sleeping bull."

It is extremely welcoming to both visitors and residents due to the breathtaking scenery, unusual flora, cool, pure air, and serenity. The setting is ideal since it provides the most romantic ambience for pre-wedding picture sessions, making it the ideal wedding site.

  • Cubbon Park

One of Bangalore's most popular pre-wedding photoshoot settings is Cubbon Park, which is close to Lalbagh. The grounds are kept up properly, and there are sculptures to make the picture a little more enjoyable.

For a pre-wedding shoot with fewer people and nicer weather, use an early morning time. If you want to play with lighting at one of Bangalore's stunning locations for picture shoots, evenings are also fantastic. This park includes many lovely locations for all the couples looking for a wildwood setting to serve as the background of their photographs.

The Vedic Village Spa Resort offers Day use rooms in Kolkata. A bucolic country wedding photoshoot would be ideal at the world-class Vedic Village Spa Resort, which is only 20 minutes from Kolkata's international airport.

The best pre-wedding location in this part of the country, with a setting to accommodate a love of exploration and adventure, a nature-focused attitude, and an amazing build-up space.

  • Lumbini Gardens

The Lumbini Garden, a one-of-a-kind garden attraction in Bangalore, is situated next to Nagawara Lake. There are many additional family-friendly activities available in this park, including boating. Its location on Nagavara Lake and its 1.5km length are wonderful features.

A wave pool and a variety of kid-friendly amenities, such as slides, are available. If you're seeking couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore for a pre-wedding photo shoot and want to get some exciting action photographs, boating or a children's park are wonderful options; if you want more romantic photos, head to the sidewalk by the lake. The lake's lovely, peaceful setting welcomes guests with enthralling views and activities that people come to take part in with their loved ones.

One of the top spots for pre-wedding photo shoots is Lodhi Gardens in the heart of Delhi, which is a gorgeous choice for engaged couples. Here, one can take in magnificent architecture, rich landscaping, and spacious surroundings. The couple-friendly hotels in Delhi have proven to be the ideal romantic setting.

  • Ulsoor Lake

One of the oldest and biggest lakes in the city, Ulsoor Lake is well-maintained and surrounded by flora. With the peaceful air rustling across the water, the softly swaying trees all around you, and the gorgeous sunshine illuminating you, you can be sure to get some Insta-worthy photos here.

Other hotels for a few hours in Bangalore to visit include the lake’s promenade and the neighboring military memorial. The venue is a prominent pre-wedding photoshoot destination in Bangalore because of the site's nighttime lighting, daytime lake and walkway, and general atmosphere.

  • Jayamahal Palace

The Jayamahal Palace Hotel is a four-star heritage luxury hotel with a convenient location in Bangalore close to Cantonment Railway Station. The hotel's traditional design was inspired by the renowned Bangalore Palace. The Jaymahal Palace hotel exudes an air of royalty in its décor, is an excellent location for day-use rooms in Bangalore, and has maintained its upmarket position and reputation.

Just like Jayamahal Palace Bawali Rajbari, a magnificent historical setting that offers a fantastic place for a royal pre-wedding photo session in Kolkata. It's the best site for creative, regal, and romantic pre-wedding photoshoots if you want to document your entire love story in a setting that honors the distinctiveness of our Bengali culture.You can reserve hotels for a few hours in Kolkata and take part in a beautiful photo shoot.

  • The Courtyard House

The Courtyard House transports you away from the bustle of the city to its tranquil setting just outside Bangalore. It is tucked away in a quiet lane off Sarjapur Road. This wedding venue is perfect for small-scale gatherings since it offers the ease and comfort you would find in your own home.

Their encircling courtyard, designed like a garden, provides the ideal setting for Haldi and mehndi ceremonies. You need not spend much on décor because the area is covered in lush vegetation and blossoming flowers.

The red brick mansion in the distance, which makes for the ideal background for amazing photo captures, adds even more appeal to this lovely environment. Locations like Alila Resort are perfect couple-friendly hotels in Gurgaon and have the ideal atmosphere for pre-wedding photos. The resort is located inside the extensive Aravali Range grounds. Hills surround the Resort, giving it a stunning outlook.

  • Siddarabetta

Being on a rocky hill with its rocky slopes, boulders, grasses, and climbers sprouting in between them, trees that appear to grow out of bare rock, and life in every crack and stone surface, has a certain refreshing quality. This gives the setting an almost mysterious quality.

In the vicinity of Bangalore, there are numerous similar stone hills and hillocks. One of these is Siddarabetta, which is also known as the "hill of the mystics," and is situated around 100 kilometers from Bangalore near the Koratagere-Madhugiri road.

This location is perfect for picture shoots thanks to the lush surroundings, diverse vegetation, and fantastic climate. For the photos of the cave and the surrounding scenery, many people travel here. Photographers who wish to capture the beauty of nature and those who want to capture romantic moments with their special someone should go here.

Channarayandurga, a fort in Siddarabetta, has magnificent architecture and would enhance your photographs greatly. The fort is close to a lake. Any image can appear more beautiful and alluring by adding the lake, the fort in ruins, and the foggy dawn.

Many people travel to Hyderabad's Ramoji Film City for pre-wedding photo shoots. Ramoji Film City is the perfect location for couples looking for Day use rooms in Hyderabad, offering a variety of sights including international cityscapes, gardens, and fountains.

One may simply plan a themed photoshoot here using the most beautiful backdrops, including fountains, caves, and gardens, as well as actual filming locations. Two hotels are located nearby this movie studio, so guests traveling from outside of Hyderabad don't have to bother about accommodations. The area has plenty of greenery and lawns that can make a beautiful backdrop for your photographs, so be sure to match up your attire according to the photo session you are planning.


Most photographers agree that places that have special importance to the couple make for the best pre-wedding photo session locations in Bangalore. Places like couple-friendly hotels in Bangalore where they first danced or where they first met, such as a café.

The backdrop becomes less important when the photograph is meant to memorialize a wonderful occasion.

Bangalore boasts a tonne of gorgeous pre-wedding shooting locations because of its abundance of tranquil lakes and lush green parks. You can always visit one of the city's historical monuments or stay in one of the city's upscale hotels if you don't want to stick with a natural theme.