Murphy's Law states

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

From childhood you have been taught to plan your every move, to think before your every step. Doing things spontaneously wasn't something encouraged, especially when it came to travelling. We all have the old, not so fond memories of our parents planning a vacation 3 months prior. Our fathers meeting multiple travel agents to book a room which is comfortable and obviously very cheap. Also don't forget the special request for a family hotel, which essentially means a big 'No' to hotels that accommodate unmarried couples, because 'social norms'. Twenty years down the line you realized those unmarried couples were probably the ones happy. Well put all that to rest, married or unmarried or whatever the nature of your relationship is with your partner, here's why we think unplanned trips with your partners are the best

1. Why with your partner?

By now you probably have seen enough posts on 'Why you should go on a solo trip', and 'Solo trips are the best' on every social media site imaginable. And while solo trips have their own merits, going for an unplanned solo trip might be something that only exists on TV shows and Movies. Having your partner or significant other on an unplanned trip gives you the thrill while at the same time have someone to count on to. You both have each other to face the adversities with while cherishing the memories you make throughout the trip. Let it beach, mountain or a cross road trip, you'll get a chance to fall in love again.

2. No stress of planning

A carefree couple in the swiss alps |Picture-Eden Strader

Times might have changed, and we don't have to go to travel agents anymore but before every trip, we spend hours every day to find the perfect hotel that gives complimentary facilities and then trying to find the best app that gives the most discount. And the process rinses and repeats for flights or train and everything else until one fine day a specific someone (we all know who that person is in our friend circle) comes with a lame excuse like 'boss didn't sanction leave' followed by other starting to back out and plan getting cancelled. We all have been there. In unplanned trips, you don't have to face all these hassles. The moment you see a long weekend with a holiday, you just call your partner for their opinion, and with some minor packing your are all set for the perfect trip, add a sick leave to it and you are in paradise.

3. You don't care about budget

Picture- Monatana Lee

Unlike solo travelling which requires a lot of research and can be a bit costly in general, on a trip with your partner you have someone to share the cost with. Hotel, transportation, food, for everything you have someone to share with. With the increasing number of hotels starting to become couple-friendly and even hotels whose main appeal or selling point is that they're couple-friendly, it has become easier to go on an unplanned trip with your partner. And if you and your partner are one of those wanders, who like to roam around a lot, just opt for hotels on an hourly basis. Booking a hotel on an hourly basis allows not only means you save money, but it also means you're not anchored to the same place and don't have to commit a whole day's charges.

4. You are safer

Picture- GRETA

For most of your solo trips (the only trips that normally end up happening) you mostly roam and venture in the day time. We are always going to have safety concerns if it is an unplanned trip, especially due to the middle-class social structure we have been raised in. With your partner, you have someone to look out for you. To some extent, it is just the presence of that one individual that makes you feel safe, and be more carefree during the whole trip

5. New Friends

Slowly you realize maybe not all strangers want to kidnap you and ask for a huge ransom of money like your mom used to say. All jokes aside, unplanned trips can end up making new friends who you'd have never come across before. You get to share your stories to them while listening to theirs. Listening stories from newly made friends who come from a different background and culture truly gives you a broader aspect of life.

6. You get to visit unique places


Normally in groups, everyone wants to go to different places, so you end up choosing a middle ground, and end up in some heavily crowded popular tourist spot. Same goes for food, while you might be up for something experimental, most people are not up for it. Having your partner with you not only allows you to try to visit unique places, and try a new food you always wanted to try, they can also suggest new experience that you end up loving. And even if that living octopus wasn't that great, you can always have a laugh about it back in the hotel room.

7. You gain more trust


Being on an unplanned trip requires a great level of trust, especially when you are the only two people. It might be GPS navigation, paying the bill at the bar, booking a room on the phone while the other person drives, and most importantly allowing someone to order your food. It is like teamwork, you share the load, trust the other person blindly and don't even bother checking. No matter how long you have been together, by the end of the trip you will trust each other more than before. This can greatly strengthen the bond you both share.

Picture: the lins.

In short unplanned trips can be a wonderful experience when you travel with the right person. They can seem a bit risky but equally rewarding. They allow us to break the chains of structure we have been raised in, and your significant other is the perfect option to share this adventure with. Not only do you get a chance to dive into the unknown, but you get exchange each other desires, and experience them together.