There is no doubt the world now lives on the social web. People connect virtually, make friends, find love, and also jobs. With social media platforms getting more popular day by day, it has unlocked many earning opportunities for people without having to work 9-5.

You will be mind blown to hear that you can earn by traveling (aka travel influencer) and live your dream life through social media. Something you would do to take a break from your job can be your job sounds exciting. From finding a niche to cutting down on your budget by booking Dayuse hotels in Mumbai or Dayuse hotels in Pune, let us help you figure out how you can be a travel influencer in just Ten simple Steps-

1. Find a Niche

A niche is what makes you different from other influencers. We mentioned creators such as Mrunal Panchal, Komal Pandey, and Shivya Nath. Although they all are influencers, they belong to different niches. For example, Mrunal Panchal is a makeup and fashion influencer, Komal Pandey is a fashion influencer, and Shivya Nath is a travel influencer. There are sub-niches within a niche too. For instance, if you want to become a travel influencer, you could be-

  • A travel influencer for couples voyaging the world with your better half.
  • Or a solo traveller wanting to explore the world.
  • Or a wholesome traveller with family and kids.

If you are planning to become a creator influencing couples don’t forget to search for couple friendly hotels in Mumbai and other places. Knowing your Niche is Important if you’re not looking for 10 seconds of fame and want to make a career out of social media. People love interacting with people they feel connected to or relate to.


2. Know why you want to become a travel influencer

Wanting money or travelling for free is not an ideal motive. You will eventually get it if you work consistently. Travelling to learn new experiences, connect with more people, or grow personally can help you hustle for a long despite the hardships. It will also help your audience understand and engage with you more.

3. Start by exploring your own city

It is a myth that only Influencers who travel globally become successful. India is the heart of different cultures. Every city has something unique to offer. Explore every corner of your city, know more about the people and how they view the world around them, visit local markets and what all you can find there. A helpful way to start when you don’t have much to invest is to stay at Dayuse hotel in Hyderabad, Dayuse hotels in Mumbai or whichever town you reside in.


4. Make a Social media page

You can start with either one social media platform or many. There are pros and cons to both. With one social media platform, you will take time to grow. But will be able to focus all your time and energy on it. Whereas, with multiple platforms, there is a possibility of increasing your audience faster. But it will be time-consuming and will require you to be a master at multitasking.

Social media platforms to kickstart your journey

  • Infamous Instagram
  • Fabulous Facebook
  • Yolo YouTube
  • Sociable Snapchat
  • Perky Pinterest
  • Wordy WordPress

Whichever platform you use, remember to have a catchy Name. Make it-

  • Memorable
  • Easy to pronounce and spell
  • Don’t use punctuations
  • Keep it short and simple

Next up comes bio. A bio is a short description of you and what you do. Keep it interesting, creative, and informative. Make your audience feel like they have known you for years.

source-Photo by Mourizal Zativa on Unsplash

5. Invest in tools

Now that we have created a social media account, we need to start posting to attract an audience. To make a captivating post, you will have to click appealing pictures. Invest in a good camera and profitable editing software. Fun fact- 86% of famous travel influencers use editing software to improve their picture quality.


6. Start creating engaging content

To creating engaging content, you need to be thorough with the information you present to your audience. This might sometimes require for you to visit the place in person. Businesses may either sponsor your trip in exchange for a promotion or you will have to pay for your own trip. It is important to plan a budget for each trip. One way to make your trip affordable is by booking Dayuse hotels in Mumbai, Dayuse hotels in Kolkata and other metros.  

7. Grow your following

It might take a little time but not impossible, provided you work hard and remain consistent. Try to connect with people outside social media platforms. Word of mouth is still a powerful traditional marketing tool. Whereas to grow virtually, we have some tips in store for you-

  • Keep an attractive profile picture
  • Make use of relevant hashtags- Each post should contain about 5-7 hashtags
  • Post at least twice a day initially
  • Make use of Instagram filters- boost your views
  • Collaborate with other travel influencers of your Niche
  • Upload Instagram pictures, stories, reels, IGTV videos, YouTube shots, and videos
  • Create a content calendar
  • Follow other established travel Influencers and take inspiration from them
  • Make relatable content that can be shared and saved
  • Interact with your audience through comments
  • Make use of paid ads if you have capital

8. Listen to your Audience

Your audience can be your best critics as well as your biggest supporters. Try to learn how they feel about your page, what improvements you could make, and what they would like to see you do next. Use polls, and surveys, and interact with followers in the comments.

9. Start reaching out to potential customers

With a following of as few as 5k, you can start collaborating with other businesses. Search for relevant brands willing to collaborate with micro-influencers and reach out to them through email or join a company that connects brands to influencers. There are chances that a brand may like your work and approach you. Brands may require you to create a promotional post or story for them, or if you become a big influencer, hotels might even call you for a free stay in exchange for a shoutout. Some brands collaborating with travel influencers are tourism boards, transport companies, hotels, and many more. Try to maintain a good rapport so they keep coming back to you!


10. Keep up skilling and updating your pages

To remain in the business, you will have to learn skills like photography, video editing, Digital marketing, video editing, and content writing. Stay up to date with ongoing trends. Once you make it big, don’t slack off, or you could lose your audience and pay checks.

11. Finally, Work with dedication and never-give-up

Most influencers immediately give up when they realize how difficult it is to grow a following. Social media can be ruthless and competitive but keep reminding yourself about your goals and why you started. Consistency is the key to success. Over time your hard work is bound to pay off. Don't pay heed to the lack of profit initially rather keep travelling and creating by booking hourly hotels in Mumbai, hourly hotels in Delhi and other cities.

12. A secret tip to help you in your journey

When starting initially, it might be burdensome to pay for 24-hour accommodations. MISTAY allows you to pay only for the time you stay in a hotel saving you some bucks. Click to book Dayuse hotels in Mumbai.


No worries if you Don’t live in Mumbai, you can also book Dayuse hotels in Delhi, dayuse hotels in Chennai and other Metropolitan cities and kickstart your influencer journey.